'Spirits' Chapter


Spirits are not the spooky things we hear about. You sense them daily and the world itself is spirit. The basic premise I operate under is that a spirit arises whenever sufficient awareness focuses and gives rise to what is at least a semi-independent entity, and I also offer that spirits occurred before human consciousness as we know it arose.

The guardians are keepers of a world that is entirely in order. Some of the facets of life we feel positive about and uplifted by, others we fear and seek to avoid. If there were any conflict among the guardians then there would be strong fluctuations in those events we consider good and those we consider bad, and my experience is there is no such thing. They all keep the balance.

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“The artist alone sees spirits. But after he has told of their appearing to him, everybody sees them.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nature of Spirits

Spirits aren’t the rare spooky encounter you hear about in haunted locales. You likely sense them on a daily basis. When you sense someone walk into a room, the sense of presence, their personal energy is a spirit. It’s just… Seek More

Death and Living

Even death as most define it doesn’t really exist. As science says, energy cannot be either created or destroyed and it’s not. It can only change state. It does. When we die we don’t somehow get catapulted to some other… Seek More

Interpretation of Spirits

When you sleep some people think of it as a low energy state, but in fact it’s a high energy state. And the body behaves as it does because it doesn’t exactly have a tolerance for such intense energy. As… Seek More

Spirit Contact

We contact spirits in the same way we sense our loved ones at a distance. A divinatory method isn’t absolutely necessary. In fact, you are likely more in contact than you may have realized you are. The contained system we… Seek More

Methods of Spirit Communication

There are various methods of communicating with the spirit world and the presences that are there. Meditation: One of the most easy methods, and the way most stumble across it, is meditations. At times in meditation one looses themselves enough… Seek More

What Spirits to Ask?

Just as you wouldn’t ask me about Europe (me being an American and not well traveled), you should focus any spirit communication on spirits connected to what you seek to understand. That “live there”, so to speak, since omniscience is… Seek More

Co-Creation with Spirits

There is co creating with specific non-incarnated entities. It is common, and it is the foundation of concepts that motivate things like Japanese filial piety. They work with us all the time. They tend to work more than we do. The… Seek More

Life in a Graveyard

There are things that inhabit graveyards, and just not the spirits of the dead. Though the dead aren’t hedged from graveyards either. I once saw one of the dead arguing with a lemure. Lemure is a Roman term, refered to… Seek More

Night Dwellers

Channelling is usually involuntary. Like those of flesh and blood they want me to do stuff, but don’t want to compensate nor return favours. So I’m generally resistant. But with someone yammering in your ear even if you ignore them…… Seek More

Governing Spirits

I won’t be talking about angels in a traditional sense, but more as a universal phenomenon. In every culture there have been perceived to be governing spirits if not absolute sovereigns of the world. Guiding intelligences that seem to preside… Seek More