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What Spirits to Ask? in Spirits


Just as you wouldn’t ask me about Europe (me being an American and not well traveled), you should focus any spirit communication on spirits connected to what you seek to understand. That “live there”, so to speak, since omniscience is not possessed by any individual being. Omniscience only exists as the field of all awareness.

What spirits know what things? Every spirit is enfolded in what mystics would refer to as a series of correspondences. Example. A fire elemental is enfolded in the “heat” phenomenon. Including passion which is a heat of the life force for any radical expression, but they aren’t very focused. Conflict and purging the blood. The metabolism and carrying of oxygen in the blood are technically a type of burning.

The spirits of light, known to the Greeks as the zonei and to Christians as angels, are concerned with overall maintenance of the perceived reality. Most of the light beings anyone has ever seen are under the direction of an intelligence known to some as sandalphon. Basically, angels are the elementals of the logos and are not identical to the efreet which are free willed and a co-creation with man.

The angels may seem to have a lot of power these days, but they have a lot of struggle these days. The human attention isn’t helping them much. If anything, it is a bit of a disturbance. Humans do the equivalent of screaming in their ears and very little listening. In fact, angels serve the logos and in that context are aids to man.

Now the various earths, the various ages as laid down by the Mayans, the Egyptians and the Hindi people, are all co-existent. They arise from a realm of chaos as is also rather clearly described from legend and intuition. An abyss. Not empty of substance, but lacking clearly structured form. “No thing” is there. It was into this place that the watchers descended, and from there that they drew incarnation into the aeons of earth as well as other realms. They served as the early shapers and shape still. The world seems wild and harsh, because it stems from this early no-thing, and seems intelligently driven because of the agency of these beings I speak of. They tend to seem like “beasts”. In ancient myth they were seen as dragons, as well as other “beasts”. They can be contacted when seeking either favourable radical change or shelter from chaos in your life. Keeping in mind that they don’t see things from the consensus and will act according to the primal flow.

How do we politely call them for help? You have to be willing to accept their role. So in a sense, it’s more like calling someone’s dog. When you call the beast, you call a specific creature because of its nature.

There are thought forms in the collective memory called the akasha that can be called upon to retrieve the “memory” of their knowledge. Some mistake them for the origination intelligence, but whatever intelligence it was has likely moved on to a new stage of their existence. On this level their “personality” is immortal and the originating soul is still chief librarian regarding that.

This is a basic start on the spirits you might encounter. You yourself may encounter specific entities, but as always look to no spirit more than you seek answers in yourself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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