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There is stillness in the world and there is stillness in the mind. They echo each other. The observer and the observed.

Channeling Technique in Spirits


I practice a channeling but not like it’s popularly practiced, and I don’t usually put my method forward because it seems very alien. There is a simple idea. Energy is life, so matter is life also. Energy forms fields that are non localized, and all energy is life. So the life of other things can be emulated by other components of the field.

Other parts of energy in the field? Yes, like fire is life.  I can emulate it.

This is like every part of the field can be used as a copy machine? Basically, holographic reality.

The mirroring nervous system is responsible for reproducing another’s state in you for analysis. It is the basis of empathy. Familiar with Kirlian research and how it can show “aberrant” patterns? Can you follow that one can pick up the energy forms of other sources? Seem reasonable? Utilizing the mirroring nervous system and subconscious bio electrical sensitivity like an aura.

Ever feel the energy field of another? Now what if you could reproduce that field, like the doppleganger effect? So what if I sense the “aura” of an elemental presence and adopt it? Well, it is my way. When I feel the fields, I take them on. I did without control as a child. It resulted in some effects that made my family very uncomfortable, but I didn’t really have a choice. I can navigate those states now. Imagine if you encountered an elemental spirit, and for the duration of the encounter you became as it. Can imagine what that would be like? A remote similarity may be when you entrain to the state of another person you meet.

Are you calling this technique channeling? Yes, but that is why I said not like popular channeling. There are shades on a spectrum and even popular channeling is misused. My style of channeling is more like invocation, if that is something you want to research.

How did this technique answer come to you? Meditation. Reviewing everything in my life, from my childhood reactions to animals, and to humans, and to nature in general. I explored my inner functions and saw the pattern come together. It‘s sort of like shamanism, but less communal. Well it is more than sort of like, it is a lot like. Shamanism was the first thing I studied when I gave up my faith of origin. As a matter of fact, a metaphor occurred to me. The origin of kung-fu was a design to replicate animal moves. So imagine observing spirits, but instead of asking for their help (nothing wrong with that, but is not my focus) you instead replicate their “movements”. This is the essence of the technique.

This is why spell casting doesn’t work for me. As a ritual circle builds up the power, I don’t generate it. I link to it. All do have the ability, but it is just buried deep. It is primal you might say, but then the web of life emerged. Familiar with healing techniques, empathic healing? Linking and synching the ailing or injured person to a healthy state. It is merely my life’s blood. To me, the composition of the human psyche is the “mysterious” thing.

How did the meditation on nature help bring this into focus? The essence of the search was to seek a touchstone. My point of relating. And even in my intuitive function I do something that parapsyche researches don’t follow yet, and maybe because it isn’t the same phenomenon. I entrain to any energy. So I looked at minds, the whole mindscape, and I looked at the level of the “spirits”. I discovered that the human interface, even the intuitive part, was not how mine was structured. It’s sort of like though the animal styles imitate animal movements, it’s imperfect. I imitate human movements, but it’s imperfect viewed in the human context. I have an ok human-fu, but I suspect other autistics and the like maybe don’t do as well.

I don’t care what anyone believes, or if they believe nothing at all. Nor do I care how I am viewed, but what I do or don’t do for others can be and is affected by others.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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