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Self Righteousness by Jeff Moore in Guest Articles

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Have you ever noticed that you can be acquainted with different people at times and think; ‘Wow this is the nicest person?’ They are always smiling and doing good things like they are living in a Brady Bunch world.  But then all the sudden they see opportunity, or you do something they don’t like and wham, whoa, they turn on you like a rabid dog. Sometimes it is someone you have some sort of business with, or maybe a neighbor, a seemingly sweet little old lady.

Suddenly that super cheesy person has become your worst nightmare, and 2 and 2 is not adding up because this isn’t the person you thought you knew.  This person is more like manifestation of hell neighbor.  The person you were dealing with didn’t change at all.  Just for what ever reason, personal gain, pride, fear, they are no longer able to sustain the false image.  Religion teaches to imitate the Divine, to imitate the image of God. If one does this, it seems to me they are nothing but a parrot. It can say the words, but has no idea what it is saying or the meaning of what it is saying. You can not imitate the Divine. You might be able to fool others with like minds, but you can’t fool someone who has spiritual vision for very long, and you can’t fool God for one second.

The only way true righteousness comes about is through the cross being applied to you. You must die; die to yourself, the death of the ego, the little me, the old nature, whatever one may call it, it is the same one thing. You are agreeing to trade that which is foul for a completely new thing; a new nature, the Christ nature. This nature is truly righteous, because it is the Divine nature, one face not two, and the things that come from this nature are truly holy.

Those who imitate are a whitewashed wall full of dead men’s bones and all kinds of unclean things. They can not see truth because it is hidden from them, due to their (self) righteousness. God will not do what we think we can do for ourselves because He gives us free will. This self righteousness causes them to judge others, bringing judgment or bad karma (what ever you like to call it) on themselves.  This is why many of them are weak, and sick, and depressed, and miserable. They won’t admit to being miserable because they have to maintain the image; the image of the beast.

A large number of the people who come to know God on a mystical level come from a nasty background, myself included. We have made it here by realizing our need. It became painfully obvious at some point that we could not do this righteous thing. We could not imitate the Divine. We admitted this to ourselves and God that we are weak and can’t do this like others seem to. This is the turning point, to admit you can not do it.

All people are in need, all have fallen short, all are capable of any evil that has ever been done and all have committed evil in their hearts. This is no different than actually doing it. The trap of self righteousness is; you fool yourself and miss the great hidden treasure. Denial is a way of life in this state of mind and it is powered by fear. “The power of sin is the Law” 1 Cor. 15:56

Jeff Moore
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive


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