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It is in our human natures to worry and be filled with anxiety especially when it concerns such things as our children, our income or our health. The trick is not to worry excessively. One should rather think first, assess, then act. Adjust your way of living as need demands, changing things if one can, but then, most important, coping with them if one can’t. That is what anyone should do if they don’t want their life to slip by unnoticed.

Worry, anxiety, and the third component, fear, are as much a part of Earthly living as is eating and sleeping. Every human has to experience this trinity of woes, some many times over, until they are met with fortitude and grace, absorbing the great lessons they bring. When that happens the soul can no longer be touched or swayed by them. Thereafter ones response to adversity is met with total equanimity, balanced harmoniously between the pairs of opposites.


It is always far better to weave golden, radiant threads in the web of life than those which are grey and dismal. When we weave threads of gold we work with the great laws of life and evolution and we are then upheld in the stream of wholeness and harmony. It is a sober truth that millions upon millions of souls drift through life totally ignorant of the great truth that they are the arbiters of their own destiny according to how they weave the tapestry of their individual lives.


How does one truly measure success? The materialist and non-believer will always measure success in terms of possessions, profit, wealth and status like the hard hearted unscrupulous businessman or industrialist who delights in the praise of his board members and shareholders on his business acumen resulting in huge profits. Such people measure success in their efforts to forge profitable mergers and acquisitions regardless of who is downtrodden in the process. The materialist , the cynic, the majority of scientists who deal in hard fact are unable to perceive anything beyond the intellect and lower, concrete mind, though it must be said that there are the few who are now looking further into the intangible.

But I tell you dear friends that they who have loved much, they who have borne the long, long years of a trusting, caring and sharing marriage with all its joys, heartaches and sorrows, who have laughed and borne their tribulations with fortitude and not given in, they who have created in some form, be it a poem, a tapestry, a painting, who have inspired others, who have rescued a soul in distress or alleviated or healed some painful physical, mental or spiritual condition, who have brought joy and wonder to children, these have enjoyed the true and lasting success for they leave the world a better place, and their actions create an ongoing benediction.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

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