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Idea Potential in Jinn


Shall we look more into what the lore of Jinn might all connect to or mean?

Ever notice parts of your mind seem to have an a lost independent will? Like as much as you might be disgusted by it, you may get ideas of things you would never willingly do, and can’t even imagine wanting to do? This was seen as the behaviour of Jinn. But the Jinn were not all seen as evil or even of the same allegiance or nation.

Everyone familiar with the concept of memetics or thought forms?

Memes? Yes. Ideas that seem to behave independently of the mind that might be seen as their creator. Well, in some schools of thought the idea was not created by the person who seemed to come up with it, but rather noticed, and there are many stories of ideas being spontaneously had by different people around the world at the same time. If you accept the idea that our organic brains can have ideas, or be affected by the forces we call ideas, then what about the forces of nature?

What gives that ideas? The same could be asked of us. To one point of view the whole potential to have ideas must be a world by itself.

Forces of nature are their own ideation? Forces of nature have a similar ability to become aware.

Everything is affected and affects everything else. A simile might be the world wide web or in this instance, the cosmos wide web. The Jinn would be beings that, for lack of a better term, incarnate in the unseen world of the cause and effect web.

That includes particles yet to be discovered by science but already known by sensitives, if that makes any sense. Indeed, it does, and Jinn pass from that existence much as we pass from the material world, though only after a longer period of time.

So the Jinn can pull strings for us? Potentially yes, but some of the Jinn are seen as Shaitan. Adversaries. Some are seen as neutral, and some behave much like guardian angels. Good citizens of the world.

That has to sneak in. The polarities and the neutral or mathematical zero? A trinity, if you will. It is a recurrent pattern in a lot of different belief systems, and the lore of Jinn has been mixed in with the concept of angels and even elementals, so there are a lot of parallels.

Is that contamination or evolving knowledge? I myself would say it is not contamination. I would say it’s evolving knowledge. I suspect even purists have a subconscious impulse to find meaning even in ideas they would otherwise openly reject.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Bashir Bomai

    The Jinn are “Beings Created out of the Essential Fire”.There is a Surah in the Pristine Qur’an about these creatures.They are a parallel creation to the Human and are enjoined to do right and “Forbidden to Die until the Trumpet is Blown”.Now,we all know that creation emanated from a “Spark”of Nuclear energy(not a”Bang”),producing dynamic events and “Beings”.In addition,”planes of existence” were also arranged to suit each and every creature.The Jinn live on the Planetary Fringes of the Planes out of and beyond the IR,in fact,beyond all spectra of light that humans are allowed to discover using highly advanced instruments such as those used in the Spitzer,Herschel,Hubble,James Webb and other telescopes.The creatures,as has been pointed out,can see humans but as apparitions.Communication between the two(Human and Jinn),is possible if the right conditions are created.They are capable of “changing” or influencing conditions on both sides of the visible and invisible planes.They have personalities and tribes.There are Muslims and christians,Jews etc,but they seem more fascinated by Islam and some live in and around the Ka’aba.The christians seem more inclined to Jerusalem and Ethiopia and know the ancient christian doctrines as taught by Jesus the Christ(AS).Some are pagan.They are “Forbidden to die”.The reason for this is not clear to me at present,but as I evolve,I might be “granted permission” to assimilate and realise additional knowledge of which is beyond me presently,InshAllah.Salam.

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