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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Evolving Jinn in Jinn


It’s important not to confuse jinn with angels. The angles are the agents of the cosmos, sort of programs in a sense that govern the perpetuation and repair of divine order. The jinn have no such compulsion. Again, it’s important to recall the free will element.

The jinn have more in common with the Greek concept of a daemon than any sort of angel. It’s the reason the term genie was used in translating the word jinn. Genie was a derivation of the Latin word genius which most typically was associated with a related term genius loci or the spirit of a place. The great philosophers were also considered to have geniuses as well, and even in the Arab culture jinn were seen as potential teachers and sources of inspiration.

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Conscious intelligent energy fields? Yes. This would be the second way a “wish” could be granted. That sudden “aha” moment from out of the blue that sets you on a course of action that you otherwise would not have any clue how to do.

Now jinn could not only choose things, having free will, but they could also change and evolve. So if there is a corresponding reality to the original legends, modern jinn culture might not resemble the old legends at all.

Any more than we resemble the old legends now, either. Exactly.

The jinns are evolving? Yes, alongside us, and they would be having world changes as well, as their world reflects ours. Though they were legendarily known for imitating animals in appearance or taking on monstrous appearances, they might not look like the original animal forms anymore. They might look rather mundane if we saw one manifest before us.

Jinn do have counterparts in other cultures. The kami of Japan being perhaps most obvious, but the Native American spirit tribes would also run along the same lines. They have many legends of encountering and dealing with unseen people beneath the earth or in high mountains.

Jinn was a very broadly used term. It was also used to refer to the desert nomads who only came into cities for the necessities and socialized very little, and the term ifrit was often used to refer to Africans.

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