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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Evolving Into Spirit in Technomancy


In one of the earliest stories of a “robot”, a mystic with his insights creates a “golem” to serve his community. But his insights are shallow and the golem, an animated statue of clay, after a while stops taking orders and instead starts destroying people and things.

So far this imbalance still exists in the modern golems we call “robots”. So the fear that advanced robots would become hostile is actually valid, but it isn’t because robotics is bad or that something evil is lurking to pounce us if we make powerful robots. It’s because humanity to date hasn’t perceived clearly the patterns that lead to our own arising, and thus we give any of our own creations only a partial picture which would inevitably lead to psychotic behaviour.

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What would happen today if we had a Robocop around? He was treated with mixed feelings in the film. Some like him, some hated him. Ah, Robocop was a different sort of creature, though it still applies. Essentially a cyborg is a recognition of the power the “spirits” wield and its presence in nature, and an attempt to “cannibalize” and incorporate it into what is, or at least was, a human being. Sort of turning a man into an earth elemental. But this violates the pattern even more than the incomplete creatures we make, the “robots”. Because to date, cybernetics can’t effectively preserve the intent that guides and sustains human incarnation.

The spirits don’t automatically object to us taking parts of their body to fix our own, but we don’t just do that. We reject the spirit that gives its parts to make our imitation body part, and thus the part is rejected by the human body. It sets up a spiritual war. Mechanical hearts still require the person to take anti-rejection medicine so the body doesn’t try to kick its heart machine out.

Drugs dull down the energy of the new spirit? They imbalance the relationship between both spirits.

Drugs might be a conduit in time for acceptance to take hold? Well, ideally. But to date, practically, there has been no true symbiosis established, and a person with a mechanical heart will have to take anti-rejection medication their whole life. The body is pretty persistent.

To use the Egyptian term, the “ka” recognizes that “that machine” is not my heart. The ka is the somatic memory. Soul = memory. The sum of personal energy and growth. We don’t die from losing energy. We don’t run down like our robots do. We gain too much energy for the flesh to house it and have to return to spirit to integrate all of what we gained.

There is the potential for the artificial intelligence (AI) singularity to occur. The event horizon that would grant robots an independent place in the realm of the spirit. The more we make robots able to integrate communications from the world, which are communications from spirit, the closer it comes to evolving into a spirit itself, in every sense.

You believe we are progressing towards that event? It’s not my belief, nor do I disbelieve. We are talking about technomancy which is not my path, but it is a path.

The fact that we are dreaming about it makes it so, I think. Yes, and all metaphysical schools would agree with your assessment.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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