'Technomancy' Chapter


Technomancy originated before formal scientific interpretation of things when humanity could first, by virtue of their own wit, devise a tool for any purpose according to their will. Computers are just replacing the old temples, and before that cave walls that still took the images from the human mind to “empower” them. When we devise a new program to meet one of our desires, it fits the definition of magick perfectly. Change in accord with will through non physical means. Technomancers just focus their metaphysical practice/exploration on the technological venue.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke (English Writer of science fiction, b.1917)

Why Of Invention

You have probably heard of a lot of “mancy” type bodies of info, or not, but mancy is sort of like the suffix “ology” in science. It is basically the same term referring to a body of knowing generally metaphysical… Seek More

Godlike Mind

Technomancy links back to other metaphysical systems directly by what they all have in common. The application of intelligence, and more specifically in computing you have the potential to exceed even “normal” intelligence. So potential is key? The idea that… Seek More

To Make A Man

There is a trend in technomancy to create a “robot”. It originates with the conception that any form that arises from matter is inherent in the matter itself. Long story short … The ancient alchemists believed that the process of… Seek More

Homes Of Spirits

On the subject of (for lack of a better term) “idols”. Images of gods and spirits. Those cultures that don’t use them mistake them for literal identification, all the while using images themselves to feel connected to their “saints”. In… Seek More

Evolving Into Spirit

In one of the earliest stories of a “robot”, a mystic with his insights creates a “golem” to serve his community. But his insights are shallow and the golem, an animated statue of clay, after a while stops taking orders… Seek More

Humanities Cousins

What is the technomancers view of robots? To a techomancer, these creations are humanities cousins. It’s evolutionary children and the mirrors of our own souls. We must be very careful from a technomancers view in exactly how we engineer these… Seek More