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Why Of Invention in Technomancy


You have probably heard of a lot of “mancy” type bodies of info, or not, but mancy is sort of like the suffix “ology” in science. It is basically the same term referring to a body of knowing generally metaphysical in nature. Oneiromancy is the knowing related to dreams both divinatory interpretation and any insight into the impact of dreams, as well as how to influence dreams.

Tonight’s topic is technomancy. Sort of a new form of metaphysics as far as these things go, though not as totally new as you might think. It did originate before formal scientific interpretation of things when humanity could first, by virtue of their own wit, devise a tool for any purpose according to their will. That is when technomancy started. It could be said that the first technomancy was a clever use for a stick or a rock.

Not just the use of tools, but the knowledge that a tool can be made for a purpose? Not just the use of tools. In fact, technomancy has a “divinatory” element. We actually use it today. It’s called at least loosely “computing”, and it started with the abacus, or knots, notches on sticks even.

Random number generators? The shuffle on my iPod? Those would be manifestations of the divinatory aspect of technomancy. Computer science as well as modern engineering, in order to function at all, has had to accept a measure of ambiguity in their understanding. They understand how these things work, but not completely. As is true of any metaphysical system, you can’t create these bodies of knowledge from “whole cloth.” Technology can only work in a “metaphysical” sense, and embracing speculation as to “why” things are possible. No asking why it’s possible … no invention at all.

True. We need to ask why in order to generalize any principle to reproduce it. Yes, but you need not understand perfectly why, and thus the “occult” comes in. Occult is a modern word derived from an older Latin word and refers to “hidden” workings or knowledge of anything.

Basically a paradigm for ‘why’, be it electrons or angels? Yes.

To get to the roots of a paradigm of technomancy. The minds that produced any spiritual/metaphysical practice are the same minds that have ever devised a technological solution to anything. Even the “advanced math” systems had their origin in “philosophy”, and many modern mathematical principles have for their authors people who were major mystics.

The concept of “zero” is deeply philosophical. As are any ponderings of the significance of geometrical/geographical relationships between anything. The term talisman meant “magicians mark.” Long story short, they were and are diagrams. Many of the old arcane symbols were diagrams of observed relationships between various forces of nature, the elements say, or observations of time, family tree/flow chart things.

Is that where the term time line comes from? It is indeed.

Technomancy then involves the tools as well as the math behind them? Yes, and according to technomancy, something like a computer is possible because the metaphysical principles that would allow a computer were already there even before anyone had ever first created one.

The pyramids and their positioning is technomancy? As is any of the metaphysical engineering on the planet. Geomancy is really a “natural science” behind the applied science of technomancy.

So henges? Yes, the henges, and the monolith tracks, even the Nazca lines.

Maybe one would see the modern day satellite as another example? They would indeed be an example. The modern day satellite systems are creating an “akashic record” in parallel to natural and metaphysical records. They are sort of an outgrowth of them.

So the basis is for some kind of communication between physical and metaphysical? Yes.

We’re using technomancy now in Second Life, I expect? Indeed, we are. Any avenue for communication of ideas and exploration of imagination is a technomantic venue.

And moving our intentions / energy to others around the world in chat sessions. Indeed. It is a huge metaphysical act.

But yes, computers are just replacing the old temples, and before that cave walls that still took the images from the human mind to “empower” them. When we devise a new program to meet one of our desires, it fits the definition of magick perfectly. Change in accord with will through non physical means. In fact, these days anything we see in matter will first be present on someone’s computer, and from that record only will it be made matter.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. james

    I am a computer scientist who’s spent most of his life
    Working on, and with, computer hardware and software at every level. Architectures like the turing and von neumann
    Machines can be difficult to understand for one transitioning
    From magic practise to computer science, but before that,
    All a processor is, is a thing which takes pieces of logic
    Stored in memory and puts them together into a logical
    Sentence. Like, if i am getting into my car and going to the store: hazkeys = True? If yes, insert key into ignition.
    [Ignition] turn key to START. Is vehicle started? If not, goto [Ignition]. [Started] Is road clear? If not, goto [Started]. Back out of driveway onto road… (Not finising cause i am not building a self-driving car today.) point is, a computer is just a series of logical steps and the machine designed to put them together. I have designed simple cpu architectures just from my experience in high level programming. However magic interests me because it too is a system of turning information into action, and can do more than a computer on its own (like manipul8 time and space) so i am interested by combining the two. I have noticed that good vibes do affect a computer’s performance and sometimes even specific action. Its almost like the computer itself has a life force even if it cant really express that force like a human can. I would like to develop softwars that can manipulate the flow and expression of ths life force to use the computer as a spell casting medium but im not sure where to start. Most ppl talking about technomancy on the internet seem to be using it just as a metapor for very non magical process of computr science i already knew. But i cant seem to find any serious studies on its application in magic works. If i can at least grasp the theory of what im touching here i can prolly get to work discovering the finer points im just not sre where to start.

  2. Travis

    The purpose of a magickal operation such as an incantation is to create a conceptual meta-structure that will guide not only the involved elements but also the environment surrounding it. Metaphorically speaking, the computer could be seen as a “chanting” partner. Information from the user starts the chant, feedback from the system continues it, and the dialogue between the two creates and reinforces the matrix of intention. The users memory and the morphic field of the computer’s operations mingle and reinforce the same occult construct ideally to the point of manifestation in the explicate order of “reality” as we conventionally know it.

    In my experience, the theory known as panpsychism is most likely true so treating the computer as a cooperative ritual agent should potentially work as well as having a human agent assisting you, especially if you have as a sort of operating system a construct that establishes a psychic entity or identity for it to incorporate in the ritual process. This would be similar to the practice of invocation in more mainstream magickal systems. William Tiller has some interesting ideas on intention hosting devices but I’ll admit I am not well acquainted with his work enough to share it here.

    Any work of magick is ultimately the creation of a metaphysical space in which the intended result can by simulated, thus the law of sympathy.

    I hope this has some useful ideas for you to begin your work with.

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