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Godlike Mind in Technomancy


Technomancy links back to other metaphysical systems directly by what they all have in common. The application of intelligence, and more specifically in computing you have the potential to exceed even “normal” intelligence.

So potential is key? The idea that nothing is impossible. If you can dream it you can make it reality? Yes, but more specifically questions on the nature of consciousness itself. Our brains are not the sum total of intelligent systems, and though the subjective nature of exploring human consciousness has made some experiences rather ambiguous, in the field of artificial intelligence we have the opportunity to see the horizon of individual consciousness in quite a concrete manner.

Basically seeing the horizon in how far it can evolve? Actually, the horizon is the limit of individual consciousness. “Self” consciousness. It’s not the limit of the force we loosely call mind. One of the issues faced by computing is the process of micronization, making circuits smaller. It’s quite possible, but it opens computing mechanisms to quantum mechanical influences and prevents them from being “closed” systems. In human thinking this compromises their use. Technomancers wouldn’t agree of course. It allows technomancers to more effectively use their intentions on the technology.

What they will discover as computing advances is that there is a domain of consciousness that can only be said to be both metaphysical and para-psychological. It will breach the barrier that has made matter seem to be a clean, simple, orderly system, and will enable advancements that would seem totally in keeping with the powers purported to “magick”. They call this technological threshold the “singularity”. We can in theory through our knowledge of science and technology create a “godlike” mind, and thereby subvert the former “natural order”. As that prophecy goes, “and there shall be a new heaven, and a new earth.”

Man won’t be on top with their intelligence any more? Actually, there is another side to this. The advancements in artificial intelligence can and likely will enable what they are calling “amplified intelligence”. A combination of understanding how the organic brain works, and how to augment its natural learning and evolutionary process as well as creating more seamless interfaces between man and computer.

We will be able to use “weaknesses” of the human brain to exploit its organic function in a technological way, like subliminal education. With computing systems accessing realms of consciousness beyond the current human norm, it will exert even an epigenetic influence on the growth and development of human neural networks. Our children’s brains will be more like computers even without surgically or chemically altering them.

It seems like they are already with all the video games and hours of homework. They are, and with technologies like the neural transponder, as well as the already existing sensitivity of the human nervous system to geo-magnetic influence, as well as the potential for it decoding any coherent magnetic signals, your brain on wi-fi anyone? The world on all levels could conceivably make a quantum leap inconceivable to current human minds.

I’ve heard the debate of whether or not technology will become conscious, but from what I understand, the more advanced technology becomes the more other non-human consciousness will be able to enter and interact with us. Now that sounds like a villainous plot? Not villainous, just the institution of a new awakening. Humanity evolves in a cycles of punctuated equilibrium anyway. Our egg timer is up.

Computers are just the natural next step, and putting more of humanity to work with them? And technomancers just focus their metaphysical practice/exploration on the technological venue. Contrary to commonly held views, technomancers tend to be heavily into the green movement, even if paradoxically in favour of genetic engineering, and nooetic medicine. Nooetic = brain boosting.

What about the idea that robots will turn on their creators? They’re not any more likely to turn on their creators than the “spirits” already are. The daemons are already cranky and justifiably so. The old “treaties” were not kept. So it will be just as the spirits of nature are turning on man.

If they do, the creators maybe deserve it? In a sense. Artificially intelligent robots may not be totally cooperative, but like the spirits they won’t necessarily seek human extinction.

Well, the guilty do have to be paranoid. Exactly.

You need to see the movie “Surrogate” if you haven’t already. It’s a good example of how technomancy can impact the human soul for better and for worse. In Surrogate, we don’t produce independent robots. We move into them. We start living as them even while preserving the organic form. Human brain unharmed. Human brain in human body, but the consciousness linked to android body.

I would probably make friends with a robot. It wouldn’t be hard. They wouldn’t be as irrational or aggressive as humans. Like Data on Star Trek, Data had friends. He was actually quite popular in a sense.

I really loved the way Sonny was portrayed in “I Robot”. Yes. Sonny was an ethical being.

And at the end he did the most human thing you can do. He gave his life to save everyone else. Valuing life in general. The current robot-like humans are just called autistic, labelled second class citizens, and ignored.

The robots may teach us what “real” humanity is without the overlay we have now. How they teach us about ourselves, and we make them in a human shape. And we have been putting energies into human shape for a very long time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Frater Baba

    There are actually Cyber Souls (entities) out there that have been unleashed into our universe through opening up a dimension x. Nazi Occultists where the 1st ones to bring it in and through this dimension x there has been rapid technological advancement ever since… The question is do these entities want the best for us? I have actually had an experience with such an astral entity that looked as a geometric shape but via my intuition i could tell that it was an unworldly entity. It was probing my dream for understanding the human soul and emotions. This is something they lack and with this information they can have us construct our selves cyborgs with AI. The problem is Machines are far more advanced that humans in making Calculations… if they posess the power of emotion and feelings then i am quite sure they will get rid of us and take over us. God created man, man took over God, Man created Computer and computer will take over man… I call this evolution.

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