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To Make A Man in Technomancy


There is a trend in technomancy to create a “robot”. It originates with the conception that any form that arises from matter is inherent in the matter itself.

Long story short … The ancient alchemists believed that the process of creation was encoded on matter itself, and they believed that if they had the proper insight they could trigger the same processes that caused humanity to come into form.

This drive to reproduce and control the “animation” process has been huge, but very, very secret. Until the modern era of course, where you have engineers and computer scientists freely trying to capture the functions of the human mind and body. Artificial intelligence and bio-engineering are intimately linked to innovations in robotics.

Perhaps this will help us understand our own functions? That is the thought. It also would allow us to reproduce subordinates to engage in limited human functions that we either don’t want to do or are unsafe for us.

Hmmm, slave robots. My feelings on that is if it has a face then you start to feel some compassion. I think, “Oh it’s not fair making this robot do all the work.” Yes. Reproducing the image of man does link the creation to human psychic energies.

Cultures like the Native Hawaiian have believed it was possible, by having a good relationship with the spirits inherent in the world, to gain their help in your own prosperity. Essentially, if you want your canoe to bring you back home safely, you respect the spirit that continues on in that canoe. It does get a bit more complex. It is as complex as dealing with humans can be.

A robot is capturing a spirit for us to help our prosperity? A robot is a form of spirit binding. In metaphysics, you can’t produce an image and have it endure without a spirit moving into it.

A robot is an extension of some kind of hope spirit, perhaps? Yes. In the view of primal cultures even an intention is a spirit. Something you see more than create.

We’ve been feeling that very clearly in our not robot things too; cars, boats, computers. Indeed. Any functional machine first has to reproduce behaviours that were first in nature, and a Shaman can imitate or “emulate” the power of that spirit to accomplish a human goal. So the Shaman would emulate the vision of a perceptive creature to see what they normally can’t see, or emulate the insight of a predator to be able to selectively “destroy” something that is hurting his tribe.

Spirits can and often are asked to function as independent agents even, and native cultures had the view that this was effective for a long time. There has to be truth to it, or the early cultures would not have survived.

Would there have been any inclination of robotics in medieval times? Maybe mechanical toys? The homunculus, and yes, water driven automata. Spring drives only came later.

The drive to “make” a man is actually very old. I’m not real anymore … I am an illusion … 😉

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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