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The Ties That Bind in Binding Work


I think binding work is like a detox? It is, and classical western binding was even practised by a sorceror called a pharmakon, and yes, it’s the word we get pharmacy from. But binding specifically was a wide spread practice, especially among the upper echelons of Greek and Roman society. The pharmakon or sorcerer wasn’t even an especially mysterious or spooky figure, more just somebody well versed in the natural philosophy of the day. Even in Greek and Roman culture, the idea of there being a separation between religion and law, or religion and science, well, it didn’t really exist. Binding was practised in a few different ways in those cultures. One was simple prayer.

Can you give a definition of binding? Restricting on the action or influence of another person, though sometimes it was used on animals and natural phenomena as well. Runes on ox yokes and things like that. On horse saddles would be another example, even on ships prows the mast head, as they call it, has a lot of abstract symbolism associated with it, similar perhaps to a gargoyle.

Are there side effects? Unintended consequences? The side effects are the same as with any other practice. Be careful what you wish for and all that. Any will working can have that sort of impact. What’s not commonly considered is the natural phenomena that lead to a need for binding. Unwanted influence happens in a lot of ways and is not always knowingly inflicted by the person it stems from.

Example? Oh, the evil eye would be one example.

Many people are very aggressive with their will without considering the consequences. Someone’s jealousy or resentment can foul up not only your own well being and property, but those associated with you as well.

We’ve all heard references to “the ties that bind”, yes? That’s what binding work is about. We naturally, and without conscious intention, become enmeshed in a web of associations and activities. Other people’s agendas might affect us even though they didn’t consciously include us, and well, every once in a while you even run across someone who acts as a strange sort of karmic vector. Ever meet someone who seemed just sort of untouchable? Rarely if ever got into any trouble?

These people are subconsciously binding others around them, and you can feel it. Just talk to them and you can feel yourself slipping into a specific role.

Very influential people…don’t ever get on their bad side. You might not even know consciously what that role is, but they understand perfectly. They were even expecting it of you. Binding practices are simply getting a conscious hold on that, practising it deliberately and with planning in advance. The first element is always conviction.

Very useful. Maybe even the most powerful ability someone can have sort of like the one ring. It has been argued to be that. Perhaps why it’s so controversial, abuse of power. For my own views, power is used by you or on you. That’s just my view, and what moderates or restricts power other than power? It’s what they are talking about in voodoo when they speak of ashe. It’s arguable that power is the reward of virtue, of right understanding, and only brings harm when that understanding is shallow or incomplete, short sighted. What do you think of this?

I see a lot of people who have a lot of power, but very little virtue. The saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” They also have very great risk of collapse, and unfortunately they communicate that to those they lead. It may seem unfair, but even a pretense of choice or will is sufficient to link a tyrant and their victims. Try telling the universe that you didn’t mean it and see what happens.

But yes, the first element is conviction which few people understand let alone have much of a sense of how to foster. We normally think of conviction in the legal sense, someone having been more or less permanently judged criminal.

Try telling the universe that you didn’t mean it? Fake intention. Weak intention still behaves like intention. The universe takes everything at face value. I suspect it’s why people so commonly complain of bad luck. By convincing themselves that they are set to fail, they create a weak intention that says they want to fail for the simple reason that we want to be right. It lets us feel secure in our understanding of the world around us. If we thought it would go wrong and it did, then we at least subconsciously feel that everything is actually okay. The mind hates cognitive dissonance and will do anything to make sure your expectations are met.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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