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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Dreaming Life in Dream Encoding

Dream Encoding

Do you feel you need a reason to make your own dreams? I can offer one.

The mind has a sort of immune system. The reaction is called cognitive dissonance and is also why your dreaming mind resists change so much.

Now mostly, your dreaming mind is on the side of society at large, corporations and politicians, religious figures, but, when you begin having success in shaping your own dreams, old impressions will over time become incompatible and get cannibalized instead by other associations that have more meaning for you. And as you have set up your dreaming life the way you want it, you also become resistant to new and contradictory information. Your subconscious mind itself begins saying, “No, I don’t actually need a new car, and swigging beer is not at all sexually attractive.” “My shoes don’t say much of anything about me.” Those become the rules you live by, the subtle subconscious impressions that guide your behaviour when you aren’t really thinking about it. Especially, it will change how you see other people and reflexively how you see yourself. The two go hand in hand.

So any questions about dream encoding? Comments? Do you feel I covered it adequately? There is almost always more to say about any of the topics we do here, but if you feel more oriented on the topic then perhaps I have done my part.

I have a general dream question. Ah, excellent. Most of the time I’m in the dream as a character, but sometimes I’m not. It’s more like seeing a movie about other people. What is going on there?

The sense of self is highly mutable. When you dream in such a way that you don’t show up as a character in the dream, it’s because the other characters and setting are a part of your sense of self. They are you, and the reason your dreaming mind does that is you don’t comfortably accept identity with all aspects of your self. Men have feminine parts in their personality. Women have masculine parts, and we all have those things we have just trained ourselves to entirely ignore because we judge them so harshly for one reason or another. Though women rarely dream of being aggressive, sometimes they do, and this shows up in a special dream character. Men rarely dream of being objectified, but sometimes they do, and the same thing happens.

I have dreamed of killing a demon before, but it’s rare. Yes, that inner sense of tension is controlling your urge to give in to hateful thinking and behaviour, so you dream of killing a demon.

I myself once dreamed I was this wolf thing standing in a clearing in a tall field of grass, sort of like a crop circle. There were others of my kind around me. One snarled at me and though I was semi lucid in the dream, I found myself involuntarily chasing it down and beating it to a pulp.

So till next time friends, dream well. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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