There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Dream Picture in Dream Encoding

Dream Encoding

Though you do not consciously perceive the associations your dreaming mind uses to make sense of your world, they are still present and active while you are awake. You encounter them in the experience that is sometimes called projection.

Any meaning something seems to have for you, those first impressions you get on meeting anyone new, these are the dream picture you carry in your subconscious mind being projected out into the world. As strange and irrational as this might seem, it was at one time, and perhaps still is, necessary. You don’t have time to classify an animal approaching you quickly in your blind spot. If you take even that small amount of time, you die. Replace animal with car and it’s still largely the same situation is it not? It doesn’t matter if it’s a Toyota going to flatten you, you just have to move.

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People today might have better personal relationships if they trusted their instinct. Not getting involved with people who end up harming them? Indeed, but people have generally forgotten how to actively dream, how to actually live their dream lives. The shaman of an ancient tribe was most often a dream interpreter, which is little different from a hunter or gatherer or scout if you think about it, and it was understood that “visions” were just a normal part of life. Some people just understood them better than others. There is even a scientific theory that says our ancestors might not have had the filter between their conscious and subconscious minds that we do now. Be that as it may, we haven’t lost the ability to connect to and orient in that mirror image of our world.

How often do you hear people say something like, “In the spirit of” or “It’s the principle of the thing”?

I’ve heard that often.¬†Well, that sense of something’s innate nature is not the aberration most main stream scientists seem to be selling it as. It is a real and foundational element of human consciousness and experience, and it impacts your body and nervous system just as much as light, and sound, and heat and pressure do. It’s why someone raging at us in anger feels bad, and is that feeling easier to take than bright light in your eyes, for example? In theory, only the light threatens our physical integrity, but do the physical components of your experience actually guide your behaviour very much?

Not if you are allowed to rage back.¬†Even raging back often doesn’t help. It can even make the sensation worse. Do you fear being hit or cut? Hungry or cold? Do you fear muscle strain?

I fear the anger / rage more. Letting out emotion is important though. I’d rather shout than hit someone. Not necessarily. Emotion always operates in a sort of unified field, and misunderstanding your emotions can be more hurtful than just keeping your calm.

You just do what feels right. You don’t think about it. Well, you do what feels right if your dreaming world is balanced.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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