'Dream Encoding' Chapter

Dream Encoding

Any meaning something seems to have for you, those first impressions you get on meeting anyone new, these are the dream picture you carry in your subconscious mind being projected out into the world. The reason you can dream, of such strange things and situations, is you aren’t consciously aware of what your mind finds attention getting. Your mind doesn’t only react to what you yourself invest meaning in. Your mind also reacts to things that other people have emotional weight invested in.

The first step to dream shaping is simply recognizing the subconscious or intuitive weight things around you have for you. When you change something, or someone’s behaviour changed something in you, inconsistencies trigger a brief moment for something new to reach your subconscious mind. Dream shaping is the deliberate triggering and conscious use of this.

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The World as You Experience It

As you go about your waking day, your mind is immersed in a constant sensory register, and your subconscious doesn’t distinguish between information it gets from your outwardly directed senses, and your internal sense of your physical and emotion well… Seek More

Dream Picture

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People’s Dreaming World

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Dream Light

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Dream Shaping

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Dreaming Life

Do you feel you need a reason to make your own dreams? I can offer one. The mind has a sort of immune system. The reaction is called cognitive dissonance and is also why your dreaming mind resists change so… Seek More