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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

People’s Dreaming World in Dream Encoding

Dream Encoding

Shall I describe most peoples dreaming world?

The people in those dreams are generally very bland, and always doing something very important, seemingly anxious though it’s always hard to determine or understand the cause. The places in those dreams are always overblown, too full of objects and noise, and the emotional reactions always wind up making the dreamer feel a little sick inside, unsatisfied, confused and vaguely frustrated, as if something else was really what was supposed to happen. Time seems to pass too fast in those dreams, leaving you even more confused as to what you are supposed to do or if you can accomplish anything at all, and these are not the negative dreams. These aren’t nightmares.

Why are dreams so easily forgotten? Yet things that happen in waking life are taken as memories? Dreams seem easily forgotten because the waking perception is built on dreaming consciousness. It serves as an overlay to what is really your central awareness. Turn the awake light on and the shadows go away, but actually, those shadows are the real objects, and the awake light is shining in your eyes. They can even track this on an FMRI. Your visual centre dominates most other processes, so eyes open mostly means lights out inside your head.

Did I describe people’s general dream life adequately? I can’t itemize each persons specifics, but I could go into gender differences if that’s of interest.

For men, the general dream involves challenges, threats to personal integrity or social standing. So a male is regularly dreaming of arguments they have had, moments of frustrated desire, and moments of failure. Failure and not weakness. Men instinctively never see themselves as weak. This is perhaps instinctive programming like wolves motivated toward establishing a pecking order, they all feel like they should try. Have I described your general dreams adequately guys?

Yes, pretty much. I also have a lot of dreams about trying to get machines to work. Frustrated intention. Understanding is linked to dominance in the male subconscious.

Shall I move on to women?

Women dream more frequently of social situations than tasks. Any task will have some social association with it, and they more frequently have nightmares. Neuroscience is backing this up. Female dreams tend to be shaped by an innate empathy, which is stronger because their senses in general are stronger than males. Same mirror neurons, more powerfully highlighted reflection.

Women dream most often of loss or confusion in the negative light. Rarely do they dream of anything like rejection. Instead of rejection dreams, they have dreams that are shaped by various pressures to objectify – sex object, care taker object, rival object.

Then a consistent dream about jumping off tall buildings is not about rejection? No, a consistent dream of jumping off tall buildings is about loss of connection. Feeling you don’t have a place you’re allowed to stand so you are obligated to leave all places open.

Falling off actually – not really jumping. Sometimes being pushed, but I guess it’s not about rejection. Ah, in that case it’s about rivalry, social competition, feeling ostracised, and the more generic the character doing the pushing, the more you are trying to ignore those feelings.

To summerize, women dream of taking shapes, men dream of taking things. Taking things can be taking objectives, not necessarily resources.

Empathic dreams are definitely part of mine. I’m frustrated at my memory of them though. Ah, because you have adopted learned behaviours that somehow exclude or sharply restrict empathy.

Many of the figures in my dream have been animals, or males that seem frightening, impatient. For you, those two are the same thing, and men typically show up as animals even in their own dreams. The first humans to domesticate dogs were likely men.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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