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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Illusion Rules Reality in Binding Work


I’ve noticed people joking about their bad luck in gaming, dice rolls, etc. and they have the bad luck. It is completely foreign to me to act like that, perhaps that’s why I get the good luck. She does. In all our gaming she does well to moderate, and moderate only on what for her is a bad day, so to speak.

Some friends have started calling me a witch because of the luck I have in dice rolls. We get the term spellbinding from the practice of binding magick, and binding is dependent on a simple truth. Illusion rules reality. People will even transfer merit to you.

I have found the same thing. If you are confident, you tend to have better luck.

I have bad streaks too, but I don’t emphasize them so I think they go more unnoticed by people as well. Using you as an example, because they expect you to be lucky, their behaviour supports that happening for you.

Yes, if someone else is on a good streak of luck, they’ll say I’m throwing off suspicion by passing luck their way.

A related form of magick would be glamour, but they are mirror poles of each other. Glamour is the influence you are surrounded with, or that you consciously surround yourself with. Binding is the structure you project onto the world thereby limiting the influence of people and things on you. You can have negative glamour and you can have positive binding. In fact, people often subconsciously make reference to their personal state of binding.

You know the term keybinding, yes? Setting up your keyboard buttons to execute different and often complex commands. How often do people say “they just pushed my buttons”?

It’s common. The person who can push your buttons knows the rules of your behaviour, and they may even consciously do it if they are especially shrewd. This is how salespeople, who are otherwise being uncomfortably aggressive to the point of being almost rude, can manage to sell you something anyway. They read your reactions to things they do and say, and adjust to draw out the reaction they want. Well, binding spells are a form of rehearsal of those reactions, a way to program your behaviour and telegraph responses onto the other person involved.

My uncle would talk about doing that, but he’s still poor. Indeed, most people’s grasp of the binding process is really shallow. Like somebody trying to do their own electrical work untrained, they just wind up short circuiting the web they are trying to influence, and often hurting themselves and leaving themselves less well off than when they started. The master binder doesn’t try to force a pattern. They can perceive the pattern of behaviour in others and set things up in such a way that it comes to be in the other persons best interests to fall into place in the plan.

If someone can understand your behaviour with genuine depth, they adjust things so that circumstances reinforce in you the behaviour they want from you anyway, and well, the biggest part of making those adjustments is adjusting perception. Thus what I said earlier, illusion governs reality.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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