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Force of Charm in Glamour


What is charm?

A captivating demeanour. It seems like it puts other people at ease.

I will offer this. Charm is a state or trait of having purpose, and we experience charm not just from something or someone having purpose, but when this purpose is at least to some degree evident.

I was going to say friendly, but then I was thinking how sometimes friendly people make me suspicious. Yes. Friendly conduct can be more estranging than charming, but to charm something or someone is to put it to a purpose, use it toward an end.

Not everything has the force of charm behind it. Infants do, and that is because they are living embodiments of clarity of purpose. People even say that their children give their life meaning, but this is not the only example of charm. The charms all trace back to a primal pattern of spirit or action in the environment. Charms are almost like the passions you may have heard of in some of the older books on mysticism and spirituality, yet they do not have a strictly emotional component.

There are only so many motivations in life. The list may not be short but it is finite. Perhaps a list of charms starting with the most obvious. The elements of fertility. In magickal thinking, something can take on the semblance of another object or force or being because it shares some part of that things nature, thus no connection, no resemblance.

Even without the influence of human art stepping in, there are traits that run across the board in nature that trigger instinctive recognition and response in us. The two most primal being pregnancy and blood. In fact, the original word that we derive the word “bless” from meant originally to mark with blood. Make sacred through rites of sacrifice.

The charm of fertility and prosperity are the same thing. Intuition tells us that abundance requires exchange, and we look for things that seem like they might be equivalent exchanges, but I am getting ahead of myself. Fetishes are tools that help us interface with the dynamic in nature that seems to be our fate, but charms are not static practices or objects. The word charm originally was associated with the word weird or fate, like karma. Hopefully, this clarifies.

So charm work does include anything that seeks to deal with memory or past influences, but it is not linked to the past. It is linked to ends. Purposes. We have to look to past experience, though, to even begin to fathom purpose or ends to things. Children have little sense of purpose, so though they are charming they don’t possess skill in it.

Their charm is coming from past life experience? It comes directly from nature. Their own undiluted nature and nature as a whole though past life influences can play a role in it as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. darcy

    I believe it is an inborn survival tool/ talent / gift to be used, not abused. ( some of us need all the help..)

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