'Glamour' Chapter


The practice glamour, which is the name for systematic charm work, is looking at the world as an ongoing dialogue. Charm work includes anything that seeks to deal with memory or past influences, but it is not linked to the past. It is linked to ends. Purposes. Charm is a state or trait of having purpose.

There is pattern to every course of events. The cycles of nature happen reliably enough that for all practical purposes we can count on them. Everything in our world calls out to everything else. The message is a charm. A sharing and a persuasion to allow them as beings to unfold in this world.

Glamour is seeing charm in context. There is no single practice that is a charm, no single mantra or special fetish that is the one thing you need. Each act you do in a day is a statement you are making to a world.

“Charm is more than just beauty.” Proverb

“He had that nameless charm, with a strong magnetism, which can only be called, ‘It” Elinor Glyn

Force of Charm

What is charm? A captivating demeanour. It seems like it puts other people at ease. I will offer this. Charm is a state or trait of having purpose, and we experience charm not just from something or someone having purpose,… Seek More

Systematic Charm Work

They say history repeats itself. The practice glamour, which is the name for systematic charm work, is you look at the world as an ongoing dialogue. We are bound by our natures to behave in certain ways. We seek food… Seek More

All Of Us Is Creator

We don’t have control of charm because we don’t correctly identify what we are working with. We see feelings as “just my emotions”. We see events as accidental. We see unusual perceptions as just being imagination. We believe in coincidence?… Seek More

Embracing The Wholeness Of Our Being

Perhaps to take Glamour work back into human experience… We have all heard the term feminine charms, yes? Women these days often resent the term feminine charms, feminine wiles. It implies they are being deceptive, but in fact the opposite is… Seek More

Speak For Our Spirit

How do we perceive illusion? Unwelcome. False. Not real. Yes. It’s typically seen as unwelcome, and judged as not real. But all of your problems are illusion, does that make them go away? No. Sound, light, sensation, vibration, resonance. All of your… Seek More

Live Charmed Lives

When it comes down to deciding between cookies or no cookies, that choice is a charm. It may seem a silly and meaningless choice, but they all echo. No cookie can become no kiss. No kiss can become no love.… Seek More