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Look within and look around. You are not lost.

Systematic Charm Work in Glamour


They say history repeats itself. The practice glamour, which is the name for systematic charm work, is you look at the world as an ongoing dialogue.

We are bound by our natures to behave in certain ways. We seek food and shelter, some degree of companionship with our own species, and intellectual diversion. These among other things, but we did not invent these purposes. We are creatures of these influences or charms. They were pre-existing circumstances for us and thus exist as a fundamental part of nature. They also replicate across all beings though their literal manifestation differs from entity to entity. So this sets up sympathy between humanity and the things that form humanities needs or relationships. We need food and food needs us. We need air and air needs us. Things like that.

Your needs are extensions of your own being, but we are not truly controlled by these forces are we? For one obvious reason, we can favour one need over all others, or judge some needs as problems rather than assets. So we do have the power to decide how we relate to these things, but how is it that we practice this?

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Decisions we make? Decisions we make for ourselves.

We create and convince and persuade ourselves that things are as we have decided they are. Self talk creates our reality, and much contemporary self talk revolves around the product of mass media. It’s good for business if business is seen as the only reality. It was good for the Roman Empire for the people to see the rule of law as the only means of culture or civility and progress. But our own self talk never can match the machine of society and institutions perfectly can it? Why is that?

We aren’t as loud? As practiced?

It can if we believe it can?

The machine is imperfectly designed. It functions only by judging some parts of life as extra and unnecessary. But what happens when you leave parts out of something you are trying to build at home?

It fails. Yes, and so is our society. Edison himself said that he didn’t have failures. He just learned ways that something couldn’t be done. This is a deep truth. We don’t have failures. You have had nothing but successes. Each came about because we become convinced that something in our life is so. We become charmed. We are under the spell, but why don’t we reverse this?

Sometimes it sure feels like failure. Well, if I put gasoline in my tea, it will seem like a failure to make tea. It certainly won’t be safe to drink. But reality doesn’t deal in non-entities. It works with things that exist, not with absences.

A success in learning not to drink gasoline? It would be that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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