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All Of Us Is Creator in Glamour


We don’t have control of charm because we don’t correctly identify what we are working with. We see feelings as “just my emotions”. We see events as accidental. We see unusual perceptions as just being imagination.

We believe in coincidence? Yes, and it’s not a meaningful word, not as far as definitions go. Co-incidence. Simultaneous happening. That’s every moment of every day. If I ate breakfast, it was a coincidence. This would seem to suggest that there is no such thing as free will or choice, but our awareness and experience tell us otherwise, do they not?

If there is no time and all things are happening at once, then all of life is a coincidence. Exactly, but more to the point on Glamour work, it isn’t that some people live a charmed life and others don’t. We all do. There is pattern to every course of events. The cycles of nature happen reliably enough in the order they do that for all practical purposes we can count on them. Everything in our world calls out to everything else. The message is a charm. A sharing and a persuasion to allow them as beings to unfold in this world. So what is our problem? Why do we seem like created things instead of creators?

Part of us is creator? All of us is creator, but what we think we are in, created. What we actually are in is the force that seems to be “God”. That seems to be acting against us when we think life isn’t fair, or that someone up there has taken a disliking to us. What has really happened is we dislike ourselves, and thus we disown those parts of ourselves that would let us connect and operate with our whole power. Desire. Every charm is a desire from good luck charms to traditional prayers. They are all attempts to reconcile the world with our heart or our heart with the world, because on an essential level we realize that this is the truth and necessary.

Would it be our mind with our soul? Our mind is more often against our soul, but it can side with it instead. Just as we have no failures, we actually have no weaknesses. We have only essences, and relationships to these essences, these charms.

We try to connect with the world because we feel that we are apart from it. It is me and the “environment”? Charm work dispels that illusion by embracing illusion.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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