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Bravery is not a virtue, it’s a decision.

Embracing The Wholeness Of Our Being in Glamour


Perhaps to take Glamour work back into human experience… We have all heard the term feminine charms, yes? Women these days often resent the term feminine charms, feminine wiles. It implies they are being deceptive, but in fact the opposite is true. The supposed wisdom is in fact the lie.

Mostly women don’t like the old ideas about their charms, because they are related to what they now see as weaknesses, frailties. These are not weaknesses. They are strengths, realities, and vital to the survival of the species allowing the only measure of emotional health our children even have, and really serving as the cornerstone of men’s sanity as well. But they don’t have anything to do with material reality, supposedly. They are too imaginative. Too much like flights of fantasy. Materialism is a fantasy. The idea that someone found, or can find, all of our solutions in a stick or a stone. Nature doesn’t offer that to us. It did offer us everything we need though, in our own nature, not our science, not our philosophy, not our art. These are good things, but without charm they are vanity, foolishness. What is music without feeling? Noise.

Ok, enough of my sermon. Pardon if it got too preachy. There is a point to all this. A purpose you can use. As the Bible says, to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. Glamour is seeing charm in context. Actors are glamorous because they show us what we have been convinced we want to be. We can glamour ourselves out of that through self awareness which arises from appreciating the beauty of our entire being. Embracing the inner world with as much love as we do mother earth. Honestly, hopefully more than that, because that’s the reason our environment is in the shape it is right now. But by embracing the wholeness of our being, we can persuade instead of force. Create instead of constrain.

Almost all of our machines right now exist to control, to let us think we are in control. Have we perfected dolphin communication yet? Have we discovered the unified field? There is a simple reason we haven’t yet. They can’t be achieved under a paradigm of control.

I am hopeful. You have every reason to be hopeful, because it all comes down to hope, imagination, dreaming. We don’t need to be realistic, we need to be what we are, all of what we are. In the name of being realistic, we live the lives of lunatics. Moved by every distressing notion or passing obsession.

We are half alive. Half alive only by consent. Simply relaxing and letting ourselves be and live will give the strength it takes to reclaim our own illusion, our own glamour. Glamour being the path of charm.

Is our own illusion our soul? It’s our souls hands, waving at us right in front of our eyes more often than not. Desperate to get us to actually see the world.

How our soul interacts with the world? Exactly.

It’s popular to say these days in rationalistic circles that we all perceive through filters. It has become trendy to more or less say people are stupid and human wisdom is meaningless. This is misguided. Perhaps a necessary counterbalance to the previous materialistic egotism, but it is not an excuse for the current nihilistic “all is fair” conduct that is still doing so much harm. We have to use our illusion or be used by it.

Maya is not a monster. She is our mother. Maya is the Hindu Goddess of illusion, and until we learn the lessons our mother tries to teach us, how can we survive beyond that? The even greater mystery… What most often happens when we grow up and move out on our own?

We become reasonable and responsible. We discover mother wasn’t wrong. She wasn’t right, but she wasn’t wrong either. We discover we are in the same boat she was.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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