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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Being Is Productive in Productivity


Empathy. Awareness of feeling. I am open to feeling, so I don’t have to own another persons feeling. They can have what they feel and I can offer my presence. If the person is encumbered by their feelings, they can become free in the same way, by being open to what they feel and open to experiencing other feelings. Suffering lasts not because of being open, but because of doing, fixing.

Some folks when they get ill become happier and at peace, some get cranky and hate to live. It’s a choice, and our education doesn’t equip us well for making that choice or for making any choice.

And some just get on with their lives maybe? Or that is not possible? It’s very possible to get on with life. People paint a rosy picture and do us all a disservice. Spiritual education fails us that way sometimes. The world works the way it works. It always has and always will, and there is nothing wrong with it. The error is in our understanding. We don’t make it clear how one determines what to accomplish, even.

When each one is free to live their story, yes, there is nothing wrong. Indeed, but there is another secret to that. Repression is two way, and one can live their story even in the utmost restriction as has been proven time and again with monks as well as prisoners of any circumstance. The prisoner is in no way disadvantaged until they decide they are. For myself I acknowledge no jailer.

What exactly do you mean by “repression is two way”? That someone needs to consent and actively participate in their repression from another? That, and the one practicing oppression has to commit energy to it, and creates their own weakness in setting up a system of oppression. They inevitably fall apart and have repeatedly in history.

So it’s about agreement? Yes, and you can choose in that context. If you are hungry, you will choose to obtain food in whatever way you can devise. If you are driven, you will find ways to deal with any obstacle. If you are loving, you will find ways to love.

Ultimately, the thinker decides what it will learn and won’t learn. You can’t blame anyone else in the end of the story. Thirty percent of the worlds humans are natural self teachers. I wonder why all aren’t? There is a reason why all aren’t. Our society busily and quite passionately beats it out of us. They couldn’t do this to me for one reason. I’m “defective” or to use the medical parlance, I’m autistic. They nod their head wisely when they have figured that out, and then I’m left to learn things on my own. As they said in Jurassic park, life finds a way.

I don’t believe what other people say. I get called arrogant a lot, but hey, it’s my story let me live it. I don’t believe a man that lived 150 years ago is smarter than me in this age of technology either. Oh, I find what other people say fascinating. They construct amazing glass houses of all varieties of color. Color the whole world with it. It’s like looking at a horror movie. I regret that I am a bit morbid. I guess it was adaptive on my part.

I always feel the teacher, and sometimes I want to be the student. Excellent. That desire to be the student is the teacher. The desire to teach is being a student of another type. The meta-paradigm of any knowledge, but really no difference.

Who teaches the teacher paving the way? That one just gets cursed. Indeed, the way finder is cursed, and are driven by a hellish passion/compassion, but they would not stop even if they could. It’s not in their nature.

You see you’re different. Is there anyone in your circle of life that you can look up to as a hero? It seems we all need one at times. I look up to everyone as a hero. Accepting my differences, I can accept everyone else’s also. I just marvel at the persistence of it all.

So, how to find our productive way? How to make progress? It’s possible. We can find our way even in these glass cathedrals we live in, because they glow. This is why we don’t like living like that. That glow reminds us the cathedral is glass and it comes from us. From our very own vibrant life, our instincts, and impulses, and desires. Our feelings and inspirations/aspirations. Life does go on. Without you if you choose that, but that is how life works and always has.

Remember, being is productive, but producing is not being.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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