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Do We Feel Productive? in Productivity


Productivity is a big concern in the real world, is it not? Have any of you had a day where you did absolutely nothing? Really? Tell me how this was possible?

Define “doing nothing”? Literally nothing. Think nothing. Do nothing. Not change in any way.

Literally nothing? Not since between incarnations. I would debate even the do nothing idea between incarnations.

I’ve had a day when I’ve done nothing productive, but that usually involves reading, listening to music , etc. Are you sure you did nothing productive? No effect was created by your activities at all?

Maybe not. Relaxing is productive, recharging. It is yes, but you didn’t just relax. You read. You were busy, though not to demean relaxation.

How about this thinking business as well? Ever had a day where you had no practical thoughts about your life at all? Gave no thought to anything practical or literal at all? A day with no concrete thinking of any kind?

Is that even possible? No, but people think it is. That’s perhaps the biggest issue related to productivity, the idea that you can fail to be productive.

The only time I can recall is in bliss and oneness with the universe, but no longer than a half hour and building. Ah, but being in oneness is perhaps the most productive state possible. You are one with the universal creative process.

My biggest issue is always wondering if I’m doing enough, productive enough. Should I be doing more? There is the question of whether you are doing enough, but that has no objective benchmark. The parameters for how much you can reasonably do fluctuate widely, do they not?

Just the peer pressure of everyone around us talking about all their doing. Which they are talking about because they are reacting to all the talk from others about all the stuff they are doing. It’s an insane cycle. ‘Rat race’, on a wheel.

Do we feel productive today, my friends? There is that question of if we are productive enough, but the only reality behind that is the measure to which we are satisfied or frustrated with our activities.

Activities is one thing, but then the expectation or measure of progress those activities are delivering factors in for me. If things are moving fast enough? Where is the external benchmark that will tell you, “Ok, you can stop acting now”? There is no stopping activity, not in any positive way. Guilt can make you static, but even that isn’t a true stop. It’s an artificial interference pattern, because you have judged that your actions cannot be allowed to “be.”

Guilty people are very busy defeating themselves, and they can’t stop there. Since they believe in the reality of guilt, then their attention becomes focused on guilt in a broad sense and they look for other peoples activities that “can’t be allowed” as well. Let’s each of us take a moment and think about what we can’t allow ourselves, and if you choose then share.

Anyone have something to share on what they can’t allow themselves?

Can’t is a word full of fear. Indeed it is, and should be considered carefully whenever it’s spoken.

I think there is a distinction between can’t (unable) and won’t (unwilling). Indeed, that is also an important distinction. I admire “won’t” if undertaken in full awareness.

Can’t and won’t are words that bring judgments as well. Yes, but we do have finite time and energy, so some measure of choice (thus judgement) has to be made even if it’s the lesser evil. Apathy would be far worse.

I’m thinking that the things I completely don’t allow myself aren’t even in my level of awareness to know it, because they’re buried so deep. All potential experiences are in everyone’s awareness if they permit it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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