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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

Engaged In Life in Productivity


We are creative and expressive beings, living paradoxes if you will. I live by an old eastern saying, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” This relates very much to productivity, I feel. Anyone see how?

Perhaps let’s examine the precept a portion at a time. It is very old. First the statement that nothing is true means there is no rigid set of rules or guidelines. The structure that would confine anything isn’t there, or is it? The statement of nothing being true taken to its logical conclusion also affirms that there is truth, because even to assert that nothing is true invalidates itself as an absolute term.

The second part is the statement that everything is permitted. That all things that can happen have the potential to happen. Sort of a statement of the obvious really, but usually not thought out.

So with everything being permitted let’s look at Murphy’s law. If anything can go wrong it will. This seems sort of pessimistic at first blush, no? But again people stop short too soon. Things go right. Things go right all the time, so there is something in the world that lets things go as they should, yes? Murphy’s law isn’t so much a pessimistic statement as a reaffirmation of cause and effect meaning everything is permitted, success and failure, good and bad. So where is this truth if nothing is true?

In the act itself? Yes, and the origin of the act. What initiates actions?

Desire? Is desire absolute? Do we all have a single desire? We can even seem to have contrary desires to each other, but still there is something there that manifests as events, no?

I heard a teacher say that there is one thing in common that motivates what someone does even if you think their action is crazy, and that desire is that their act will “make it better.” Specifically make it more alive. That’s the hitch. We have for an instinct to be alive and preserve life which can inspire some very seemingly bizarre behaviours.

Is that an error in thought, to believe that one’s actions can “make it better”? It’s a potential error, because thought is rarely linked to pre-synaptic impulse patterns.

Not instinctive you mean? Yes, but it goes further than that. Our very DNA is a common database held even cross species, and your activities are in a paradoxical sense both predetermined and self initiated, but human psychic function is often severely aberrant.

I have heard that your hand reaching out to grab the closing door actually happens before the thinking from the brain goes to the hand. It’s true. In fact, the drive to be engaged with life as a process is absolute and overreaching in life. Part of you knows that if you aren’t engaged in the life process, you aren’t being “productive/reproductive.” Basically you risk death even if only spiritual.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. pat siebert

    i enjoyed reading this article because of the depth of your understanding and rigor with which you attend to your thoughts. i will continue to read & be inspired by more of your writings and I am grateful for your contribution.

    I have been a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1987 and Nonvioent communications student for 13 years and what you say rings true for me in both of those fields of my personal and professional study.

    The know the statement “I have heard that your hand reaching out to grab the closing door actually happens before the thinking from the brain goes to the hand.” because of my personal somatic experience in the Feldenkrais Method.

    I am especially intrigued with the question of “paradox.” I am reading and understand your thoughts through language and the basis of language is to differentiate or make distinctions with means we can not view the whole from that perspective so my understanding of the whole that can be explained through language must by nature paradoxical.

    The common ground in all of my understanding is compassion and all my actions are imperfect in that endeavor and so I have two thoughts that continues to inspire me “onward through the fog.”

    One is from Kurt Vonnegutt, and since clarity is not what it is cranked up to be, here is my paraphrasing of his thoughts, “no matter who is in control, I am here to love those that are nearest to me.”

    The other is “the road goes on forever and the party never ends.”


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