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Before progress, you just lived your life. After progress, you’ll just live your life.

Impulse Originates Thought in Productivity


Have any of you ever had a day when you had no impulse to do anything at all that day? Have any of you had a day where you had no impulse to act?

Are you saying that a day spent doing nothing is a day well spent? Yes, and I’m also saying that when you understand action, you will come to understand that in fact all days are days spent doing nothing, and this is perfect. But impulse… We are told impulses are bad. We must not follow impulse. We must instead think, and even think twice. Tell me how does thought originate itself?

  • Past experience coming to memory? So newborns and youth don’t think having little experience as they do?
  • Is it the ego pushing us on? It’s never happy to sit and do nothing. If we don’t think about who we are, we don’t think at all?

I offer that impulse originates thought. This is the only reason we even have the power to think, but we think while at the same time trying to cut ourselves off at the knee, so to speak. We are told that we can’t act on impulse. Somehow impulsive behaviour is foolish. Do any of you know an impulsive person who is also quiet?

The people we call impulsive actually think a lot, so it isn’t lack of thought that makes them foolish. I offer that it’s the quality of thought and how they have it set up to act as a check on their impulses. These people we call impulsive are also known for being attention seeking. They are actually looking for people to control them. This is why they make the scenes they do, not because of their natural impulses. I would offer that genuine impulses are never foolish, but can be twisted through misuse of thought.

Like an impulsive shopper thinks the items will make them happy, unaware it won’t? If they were actually working from desire, desire will tell them loud and clear “I don’t really want that.” Then it would tell them what they do want and would continue to guide. But supposedly even desire is untrustworthy, why is this? The impulsive shopper is always frustrated, but they aren’t frustrated by their feelings.

So isn’t that the ego then? Where is there ego? Always trying to get ‘more’? Desire is always trying to get more? In my experience desire is a phase of my life spirits expression. My life force being drawn to or steered away from an event, and it has no independent existence from my spirit.

Oh, like when we’re young the desire to have kids which is gone when we’re old? Yes, a phase. Natural, wise, trustworthy, but gets twisted with thinking. Not original thinking mind you, that’s possible but we aren’t “educated” to do it. It is usually only believed to be something artists do, and the rest of us supposedly don’t have to bother with it. But my friends, and answer if you wish, are you productive?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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