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The rebel is a slave. You can breath deeply and declare yourself free. You are just watching another dance.

Understanding A Dynamic in Productivity


The topic is productivity. We tend to be very concerned with productivity, don’t we? Even if you aren’t employed? It’s a convoluted idea, this productivity.

Have any of you spent a day doing literally nothing ever? Everything gets done always, but no one needs to do it. That’s the issue with productivity. As we live our lives, we each encounter situations and people. We react and take action. Is it possible to take no action at all?

Even non action is an action. You had to be engaged enough to be aware that you should abstain from action, did you not? And yes, your heart beats, it’s action. Your brain thinks, that is action. But do you have to do it?

That’s hard to say. Some things have to be done like the shopping, the cooking, and the cleaning. Ah indeed, and they are circumstances in your life, but what is it to “do” those things? Can you make grocery shopping happen?

The day after I had my first child I literally did nothing in that I slept thirty-two hours, but I guess sleeping was something. Sleeping is something yes, but life is like sleep. Sometimes too much like. Forty-two hours of labour can make you tired. Indeed, labour is a doing also like sleeping.

I would love to have someone else do it for me. Ok, if someone could do everything for you would you be happy? Would anyone?

No, so is it finding a balance? It’s in understanding a dynamic. There actually isn’t a duality to balance. In all situations you have a connection to a person, place and event. Can you name something that doesn’t have at least one of these three elements?

I would not like it if others did everything for me. I relate to a wheel chair disability in that scenario. Indeed, and if the caregiver does everything for the person in the wheel chair, it gets very bad for them. Their health can suffer.

What is it to meditate? What happens when you meditate?

  • Allowing. Clear the mind, center ones self. Do you really clear your mind? Empty it all out?
  • You are aware of the mess in the mind. Is it a mess? If it is, then why? It’s busy at times, but not really a mess when I just watch it. It’s a mess when I participate with it. Good point.
  • The difficulty in connecting with the higher self. Higher than what?

Hard as we try, we must confront daily life and none of us is perfect in compassion. Indeed, but I would disagree with none of us is perfect. I would say we are all perfect, but we have been taught a style of thinking that makes us find fault instead of find function. The error is in not allowing the perfection.

But I am not God. I can only try to be godlike? You are in gods image. So as my son is my inheritor, so are we all Gods inheritor. We just don’t use that inheritance well, and there is a complex set of reasons why.

But no one can say while breathing, I am not. Gods breath is your breath, and it’s been said in every faith and spirituality.

I believe we are all good at heart, but there is a ying and yang, good and bad, devil and god. As humans we have a choice. Error and center. As humans we are a choice. We are the capacity for choice.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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