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Beginning Dynamic in Parenting


What does it mean to be a guardian of an innocent? A guide to a newly born mind? In this day and age it seems many people just follow the “expected” life.  Get a job, get married, have kids, and their role as parent seems to be more the acting out of an idea. Just doing what they expect they are supposed to as a parent. This seem untrue?

Planned parenthood or doing what they remember their own parents did.  Yes. If that is your view does the level of engagement seem very full?

Each child is a unique soul, but they start anew in connecting. How they connect, how the roots grow, how they are fed and how it shapes their life, these can be either strongly nurtured, or nurtured from the place of expectation and ego. Self image can and often does preclude a vision of the child’s spirit which isn’t “made” by the parents. Their body is a legacy they receive. Their soul is innate, direct from the source, and is an opportunity for us to heal our own roots through their example. They have behaviours we don’t teach them, natures we didn’t stamp into their minds, and though much is buried, we still have those also.  In my case the “impression” process doesn’t manifest strongly, which is both a good thing and a bad. It created alienation between myself and my parents, and I learned the process of alienation very early on.  I went through a depressive stage at 10, which became rage at 13.  Do any of you want to share your beginning dynamic?

I was spirited, but got shut down, or shut myself down around ten. It was a rebellion, but then I was praised for being ‘the good girl’ so I got stuck there. Sarcasm doesn’t touch the self righteous. 

Seems to begin for me when I started puberty. My body grew faster than my maturity did, getting looks from grown men and having no idea why they were staring at me.

All that I can remember is just being happy and free until I was three, and then that is when I realized that my Daddy couldn’t stand looking at me. Which likely had nothing to do with your specific person as with many of the scaring experiences we have as children.  The parents tend to be very absorbed with being adult. They are often too busy teaching us to be grown up.

When nature has led us to starting a new life, we are initiating a soul born anew into this greater life. They come with the source in their substance, and we ignore what Taoists call the “uncarved block”, the inherent nature. If we would guide this newly born soul aright, we take our life experience, including that of our childhood and what they show us in their nature, and nurture their nature in an adaptive way. Allowing them to be themselves in the face of this big and often dehumanizing world.  Does anyone disagree with this?

When you parent a new life, you aren’t “molding” this new person. When you parent this little soul, you are parenting yourself as much as them. You are reborn in the child at the same time as a new and independent soul comes through you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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