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Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

Fire Signs in Sun Worship


Evidence for early Jewish sun worship was the practice of burnt offerings. People across the world had observed that fires would “miraculously” arise. They were considered signs of God. Even in the story of leading Israel out of Egypt, and in Moses encounter with a burning bush, they observed that fire consumed things and shined allowing illumination even in night. So since fire consumed things, if you didn’t give your goat to the fire (which couldn’t have been originally a profane symbol), you weren’t actually giving your goat to God.

Was fire considered a mini sun? Yes. Later in history even Christians came to believe that God became angry and would want to consume those who angered him, as the Aztecs also believed.

Science claims ozone depletion. Spiritually the consciousness of sun/earth/air are pissed off at us? Yes, that can be said. Ozone is the product of ionization of the earths atmosphere. The atmosphere ionizes both by bio geomagnetic activity and by various biological processes. If the ionization isn’t happening what would that mean?

Cooked people. Yes, and we are sort of rad sensitive by comparison to many other forms of life.

But isn’t some of that of our own doing? Much of it is, but contamination isn’t a total explanation. They don’t know fully why those regions of ozone in the atmosphere have seemed to thin. They aren’t literally holes, but the ozone level in those places is noticeably thin.

A changing of the time? Yes. If gravity is likened to the planets magnetic polarization then our sense of time is connected to the south polar flux.

Some worship of the elements at the very least ensures some respect, which was lost in modern time. Yes, recognizing they had a way all their own, and that we are connected to that way also. A holistic view versus the parts.

Why did the sun fall out of favour as the deity? Because nothing in nature adequately reflects man, and man had to be God so the sun couldn’t be a God. If man isn’t God then the Divine Kings are poseurs, fakes, and can’t claim spiritual authority. They would have to admit they are ruling only by military might.

What about the relationship between Christ and the sun god Mithra? They found evidence of a crypt having remains in it, and a log of who the person was related to. It may have been the man who may have only later been called Jesus. But yes, this is why Jesus was deified. If you read the teachings of Jesus clearly there seems to be a strange break, but one thing is universal. He refused the position of Divine King of Israel, and he seemed more concerned with peoples understanding than divine authority. Mithraism was in a sense the “neo-pagan” national cult of Rome, but it didn’t have the appeal of those faiths they found in the middle east. It didn’t inspire the zeal. The golden calf of the Bible may have been a Mithraic idol. So that situation stood until it became expedient for Rome to absorb it, Christianity.

No sun means no life, so it deserves to be worshipped. I favour the Egyptian view of “worship”. They didn’t really worship the gods as we understand worship. They saw the gods as the powers and forces of the world. The role of the priest wasn’t to brown nose the gods. It was to support “Ma’at”, the principle of harmony between gods and humanity.

Do you think the Catholic/Christian controlling empire will have a collapse with the changes coming like 2012? Yes. Rome itself ended in terrestrial fire. It’s spirit will end in cosmic “fire”.

2012? It’s the end of the Mayan calendar. Lunar based even though they were primarily sun worshippers. The idea being it’s the start of a radical new age predicted by them.

So it isn’t the millennium we can freak out about now, it’s 2012? Or rejoice, freaking out will profit nothing. All the ‘sleeping’ ones won’t be watching so it should be quiet on that level. You can’t be scared by what you can take no note of. We are awakening now for the changes it will bring.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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