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Challenges are simply challenges and choices are simply choices. They cannot possibly be good or bad. Whether they are good or bad depends on how we view it afterwards.

Purpose of Cognition in Productivity


What is the purpose of cognition?

It’s properly subordinate to perception, and perception is structured well before even your basic individual gene sequencing happens. It‘s structured at a quantum level. At the range of the “PSI” factor, and I mean PSI factor in the original quantum mechanical sense. The tendency of any set of bodies to function as a whole, from the atom to Gaia consciousness.

We exist for a cognitive purpose. We are capable of creativity/artifice in the light of our perceptual connections, but our cognitive processes are not “our property” and the information generated by our cognitive function is being received by the whole. Your thoughts aren’t “your territory”. This is why telepathy seems so strange to people. The idea of closed system consciousness is actually strange, and telepathy is quite natural.

You don’t believe it is possible for an individual to keep their thoughts to themselves? I do not. All they can do is abstract their linkage to a point. Encode it, so that it has a dissonant impact on the environment. They call this code “ego.”

Even on a more mundane level, body language is always a give away although for some they can hide it, so an expert is required to read their body language. But as they say “everyone has a tell.” No one can be perfectly deceptive in the somatic feedback they are constantly and subconsciously broadcasting. You telegraph your intentions 24/7. Animals see this without any prejudicial overlay, and thus seem at times to be able to read the human mind. I am not trying to be a mystagogue here, I promise.

This is why people are confusing? They say words that counter what they are broadcasting otherwise? And as I said earlier, the measure of how productive you are is how satisfied you are or frustrated you are with your level of activity.

Life as a gestalt process sends prompts, either from ones internal processes or from external stimuli. We have an instinct to respond to these prompts, but humans have grossly misused their cognitive faculties. We haven’t evolved. Nature gave us powerful brains and we used them to poison our growth patterns. Human thought is a psychic blight so far.

An emperor scorpion can be aroused so much that it will sting itself to death. It’s an amazing power like human thought, but… What is the purpose to thought? Does anyone know? There is a purpose to it, just as there is a purpose to the scorpions sting.

A tool for figuring things out? I start to think about the advances made, but then I think of how it’s pushed people too far. Figuring what out? And what would constitute an advance? Who has been productive ever?

Productivity is a construct, man-made. In business, a way of measuring profitable outputs. Productivity is a process, nature made. It allows the preservation of life. We just call it re-productivity in its strictly biological sense.

A natural process? Then everything is productive? It’s productive to the degree that it permits the well-being of the life form. How much of our thought promotes that?

Not much because we go too far with it. Those circles again. Yes, like asking the centipede from the old Zen story how it walks. Thought has a natural process and then we go and “educate” it. How productive has this education been?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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