If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Speak For Our Spirit in Glamour


How do we perceive illusion?

Unwelcome. False. Not real. Yes. It’s typically seen as unwelcome, and judged as not real. But all of your problems are illusion, does that make them go away? No.

Sound, light, sensation, vibration, resonance. All of your experience is the way something seems to be. It’s reality is an energy our bodies and natures translate in the way we judge to be illusion.

You create your experience. Indeed, and we create it in dialogue. But instead of persuading, we are persuaded. Instead of speaking, we are spoken at. We are not spoken to, because we cannot be spoken to. We are not being present to be spoken to.

You mean we are not awake? I mean we are not sober. We are drugged on our own internal frustrated scream, intoxicated with our own self hatred.

Instead of doing our own self talk, we are self talked to? Yes. We find selves to be rather than actually be ourselves.

You can speak to the masses, and I mean literally mass as in those things that seem to be objects to have matter and qualities, and you can express your inner spirit. All that hear the hearts call are moved. I don’t mean the moods call. I don’t mean an emotion. I mean the deepest feeling place of awareness. When you understand that “I am that”, then you will exert a charm or charisma that seems impossible now. But you cannot be that inner self if you have to be loved, or if you have to be hated, or if you have to be a victim, or if you have to be a winner. This inner self speaks to us in those moments when our obsessions seem meaningless but we find we want to pursue them anyway, or our work seems meaningless and no matter how practical it may seem, we just can’t make ourselves do it any more. There is a reality beneath it all, and rather than speak this banality into existence, we can speak for our spirit.

It sounds very hard. Actually, it’s very easy, almost effortless. It’s as easy as it was to get where you are now. There is no single practice that is a charm, no single mantra or special fetish that is the one thing you need. Each act you do in a day is a statement you are making to a world.

Talk from your heart? Yes. Act from it. Words and actions are one and the same, as are thoughts. Any single moment where you think just a bit longer, consider just one more option, or try one more thing though it seems silly. This is an act of glamour. This is a charm.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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