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I firmly believe that spirituality stands among the most prominent and critical pillars of a person’s life. Without a proper sense of spirituality, be it religious or more esoteric, a person cannot hope to achieve true fulfillment in their lives. And, like all good things, spirituality is best realized among others in an open and nurturing environment. A network among spiritual persons can only enrich the lives of those involved.

But spiritual people looking to network among people in a like-minded community may encounter difficulties in their search. People who ascribe to spiritual callings, particularly those outside of major religions, are often ostracized as practitioners of an unfamiliar—and distrusted—belief system. You’d be surprised at how many raised eyebrows would greet an attempt at discussing the nuances of spiritual energy or even meditation. But for every person resistant to discussing or participating in the splendor of personal spirituality, there’s another willing to engage and connect with you. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Explore Online Spiritual Networks

There are dozens of online spiritual networks open to anyone willing to join their ranks, regardless of your chosen path. One of the most prominent of these networks, a site aptly named Spiritual Networks, boasts one of the largest online spiritual communities. The site houses hundreds of thousands of members, with interests ranging from yoga technique to Christian dogma. Users can feel free to post on one of the hundreds of forum discussions, take a poll among other members, or even advertise their own spiritual services.

Another spiritual network, Humanity Healing, fosters a community based on a universal spirituality that transcends all of life in the universe. The online community aims to heal and aid those suffering from spiritual depletion and blockage, or those generally dissatisfied with their spiritual surroundings. They advocate for spreading a sort of spiritual awareness by encouraging members to discuss their beliefs and practices with people unfamiliar with unconventional spiritual practices.

Challenge and Develop your Spirituality

A bit of unconventional spiritual advice: network among spiritual people whose beliefs counter or take a different perspective from those you hold. While I certainly recommend that you meet like-minded people as you network, you should strive to diversify your network. There’s no way you can truly grow as an individual if you surround yourself with veritable nodding heads. Challenge and grow your spirituality by befriending people whose views and beliefs systems you’ve never considered. And no matter what ostensible differences may separate you from your newfound friend, they are likely trivial at the core of things if you both share a deep understanding of human spirituality. So take stance and network among those outside your comfort zone; it’s the only way you’ll learn anything really new in your spiritual network.

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