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I was reading Travis’ article on psychic viewing, and it struck me as accurate. There comes a point though when language fails in its tasks to translate thoughts.  Not that I am suggesting developing telepathic skills, but simply stating the fact that it is hard to communicate with words many times. I will try to take things a bit more at the fundamental level without overly doing so.

What is viewing? To be able to see something that is not physically present in our environment. How are people able to paint things not in their field of vision? How can they paint abstract things or other things? Art, they say, is twice copied, once from nature (experiences), and secondly from our minds to the paper. I will say that I disagree totally.  Sometimes it is the paintbrush that controls the body, and not the brain.  Isaac Mendes is a REAL artist. He begets something, an expression Christians will appreciate and understand. This is the essence of creativity. God created everything, therefore we are borrowing his power. Newtonian time has been disparaged many times since the olden days, so I don’t think God is being unscientific. When creation happens, something that did not exist is brought into “reality”. It is taken from the dimension of all realities/possibilities, and placed into this one. It is something begotten. This is another way of looking at the phenomena of psychic viewing, and obviously it does not have to involve painting. It might involve numbers, tea leaves, tarot cards or a hand, or for non-fortune-telling people simply a day-to-day situation.

As Travis said, the answer is not in the brain itself. From my own experience, stimulus is necessary. A lot of receptive people though have difficulty, because they are so receptive they cannot engage with people in the outside world. This is the key ingredient. You can get knowledge from books, internet, paintings, radio, telly, but nothing will ever beat the experience of being there, and talking to people. Receptive people who are able to engage with people are the self-made million/billionaires. Imagine someone who has, say “medium” attributes, how do you think he/she will fair if dropped into Wall Street with some assets to build up on? Very, very, well for a while, until he gets addicted to gambling, and becomes a slave who is ruined. This is probably a common story.  Or alternatively, someone who thrives, and decides to make his/her own business with the contacts and capital they have.

Psychic viewing does not need a visual representation. It depends on so many factors. We have psychic experiences often, but we cannot express it in a way that lets us reflect on it afterwards. Psychic phenomena involves a lot of subconscious processing for most.

Bill Clinton had a moment, and said the future was going to be Star Wars. Star Wars theology might be something that will be taken up in school or university soon. Why do Christians keep reading the Bible and re-writing it? Who are they looking for? What method are they using?

Art is something that should be taught at school, and one way of emphasizing the “art” word a bit more might be to call it Dragon Arts. Intuition is essential.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Nikhil Manna
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

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