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Psychic Viewing in Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

How psychic readings can be done is that some seem to visualize their thoughts as parts of their brain. This isn’t actually so, but the thoughts are energy patterns in a collective field that we are all present in. They have even discovered that dogs can be trained to sense the neural spiking in seizure sufferers.

Technically is ‘remote viewing’ an isolation of the psychic element to a visual of a place? Actually, no. Remote viewing is often used by medical intuitives. They can follow injury messages to a given structure, and diagnose based on “seeing” what they technically couldn’t use optics to detect. Edgar Cayce did that, and there have been more after him.

Remote viewing is like the shamanic drumming journeys, looking into the inner worlds? Basically yes, those are more primal practices, but basically the same thing.

They discovered that even when viewing a site, the person gets a feel for it, or some sort of intuitive insight. Hybrid impressions that at first seem like abstract patterns, and is why the bulk of remote viewing training isn’t in sensitivity. It’s in helping cut down distortion. Remote viewing is actually quite common, but people often don’t even notice when it’s happening. They need to be taught to interpret, and there is a very subtle art to the interpretation.

How would you describe the state? For my own disorder, I had to learn it in order to see “normally” at all. The state is sort of like recall or reverie, which is a word roughly meaning “reviewing”. You don’t try to force viewing. You settle into your sense of the target, and let the imagery and feelings emerge. It can often result in what is called bilocation, though it isn’t necessary to go there to use it effectively.

What if you see what people don’t want to tell you? That’s part of the problem, and why people are often afraid of “psychics”. The focus or concern for whatever has them feeling like their privacy could be invaded, actually makes them broadcast the impressions. This is why the premonition registry is usually about disasters or danger.

There are still many theories about how remote viewing is possible, but the most promising shade into quantum “non-physical” operations that seem to be a precursor to “regular” human consciousness. But, if you seek to pursue the psychic disciplines, where you will find the best information is in your own conscious function. This is why even in ancient times they make mention of the “siddhis” or powers. They actually warned spiritual seekers to not pay them much attention. I have never put much stock in that myself.

By knowing how it’s possible, reliability and reproducibility would be mastered? It can be controlled, and learning how it happens can allow you to use a “meta-cognitive” awareness. Awareness of how your awareness functions to reproduce it at all. It is like the brain is one giant eye. The mind is your actual consciousness, but all evidence points to the brain being a complex synthesizing sense organ. A nexus.

I was worried that I don’t use it the right way, and I can have troubles with my eyes. Yes. Actually, that anxiety is pretty common. It creates what amounts to hysterical blindness on a psychic level, and is what makes psychic function seem unreliable. Psychic phenomenon can cause “nerve-disorders” like blocking optical signals. Often times, that is what leads someone to study psionics. It is more of a self care than a mystical practice. The first element is quality of focus.

How do I control seeing auras when it happens without control? Breath control. It is the process that is both connected to the voluntary and involuntary nervous system. You can synch them back up. Familiar with any grounding techniques?  Tai-chi?  It can help to sink your chi.

What would you say about worrying dreams? You get the dream that is obviously connected with a situation, would you take them directly, or try to find hidden meaning? They are the subconscious language of the mind, but they can include the elements of a remote viewing. Jungian images, and often some things are just literal, because the mind does what’s called reality checking which will add something just because it seems like it should be there.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Art Kirby

    I’ve often wondered how Out of body experiences and remote viewing are related, if at all. I had 2 OOB’s when I was younger but have not experimented with it again. I am going to start viewing places I know or have known anad see what transpires.

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