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Omnipresent Mind in Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is so simple it’s complicated, as many things are. It’s based on research and insights that state that even though your body is localized, mind as an energy and a construct of any sort is omni-present.

The first real acknowledged researcher was J.B. Rhine, but of all the para-psychological research being done, America took most interest in it. There was enough feedback that even without conspiracy theories about Project Stargate (which was about remote viewing and not about the popular TV show), they had reliable enough results that they had been supporting it since the 1960s. In fact, Jacobs Ladder a.k.a LSD, was developed both for its impact on morale, and its affect on human brain function. Magneto encephalography (MEG) brain scanning was used to identify active zones in the brain during some of the more “mystical” techniques. Remote viewing research lead to that, and to the currently available, but not yet cheap, neural transponder technology, and the new cybernetic implant tech as well as the neural decoding software that allows the implant to work.

That’s for real? Yes, and they are working on setting up voice software to read from a neural transponder. Reading the motor nerve strip to translate impulses into action for a prosthetic limb. They failed before, because they were looking for serial engram patterns. They discovered that an action isn’t a linear series of nerve impulses.

One of the things they discovered (and is being preserved by various private enterprises now), is that like the early neural transponder technology, people can’t be taught to make themselves do remote viewing, but it does happen, and there are techniques for inducing the remote viewing function. What it involves is the conscious mind being active enough to give focus, but passive enough to not distort the imaging behaviour of the occipital lobes, the brains vision center. So they adopted various techniques in training. Visual art helped, anything that would allow both focus and detachment. It is much like many describe the creative process. Many musicians describe writing music as remembering a song they have never heard before. The conscious element is engaged, but it’s to look at the internal processes.

It can be a dream? Yes, dreams can incorporate the remote viewing phenomenon, and strangely enough it also often occurs in NDEs (near death experiences), and heavy anaesthesia. When the mind isn’t expecting to be “asleep”, but its normal conscious linking is suspended

I also could hear what the people thought? Ah, yes. This is part of why some of the more recent investigators, more notably Russell Targ who developed the neural transponder, were focusing on it as a central feature of their research.

One element I found intriguing was the temporal aspect, experiments of remote viewing where they would be remotely viewing a past scene or a future one? Oh precognition or retrocognition, yes, they found it wasn’t restricted by time or space. Showing that the idea of time and space is a product of the mind more than reality.

Also in terms of developing it, they suggested that anyone could develop it by just scribbling as you focus on a map coordinate? If you can conceptualize it in your mind, yes. They find that the map coordinates help, if either the viewer has a concept of what they mean, or the outbound observer. It is often easier when you are orienting on the zone someone else you know is in, but it isn’t an invasion. You just focus on their psychic presence.

Schopenhauer said that all our experiences is just a projection of others, it is scary.  Ah, well if you take up the practice of what is more loosely called psionics, it is pertaining to the concept of PSI. PSI is the value they used to explain how two particles in an atom can seem to behave as if they are the same object, a sort of unity concept. The basics of what you learn you are seeing is that connection between mind and reality, and exploiting that connection in yourself. But, another important fact is that you learn there isn’t your mind and another mind. It sort of denies any form of solipsism. There is just that field, one realm of “psyche”.

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