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When you stop taking things so seriously then you start seeing them clearly.

Field of Mind in Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

Synchronicity is a rule. Psychic forces actualize. An aspect of remote viewing is seeing an “object” that isn’t and can’t be present at the site, but is a true presence at the site. Like a state of mind in the residents, or an element of the history of the site.

So you might see, say, Godzilla. Your mind knows it’s literally not true, but there might have been war or disaster there. Thus when you view that location you get that construct with the impression of the site. When they say that matter and mind aren’t separate, psychic practices can reveal how very true that is.

I would advise the next time a spontaneous image pops into your mind, consider that rather than mysterious random brain behaviour, you may be experiencing your inner vision.  In my experience, the brain doesn’t function randomly, but is instead remote viewing spontaneously.  As you get used to the feel of your perception (like in telepathy), you will discover something. That “your mind” feels different.  What you are picking up psychically impacts your awareness differently.  You will discover your mind in the field of all mind.

Like mind stream? Actually, yes. There are currents in the psychic energy. This is often why you sense things you didn’t seek. The energy fills the world, and like looking at a news ticker, it doesn’t all apply to you. Like listening to a radio with all channels sliding, it’s more about knowing you than knowing the world.

Bringing into focus what we habitually ignore. In my case, I’m “autistic”. I don’t really have the ability to ignore things, and the mind can come together in many different ways. It can make you realize how much we rely on ignoring things in a day. I am sometimes near tears, and I have to maintain a strict mental regimen to think straight sometimes.

Does it hurt? It can. I get a tension in my temples and a forehead headache at times.

Remote viewing is focusing on all that the minds eye puts to the side? In a sense, the world in your mind isn’t in your mind. It’s just the world. So remote viewing is in a sense just mastering the minds eye, but it can’t be mastered by force. You gain control of it by understanding how it functions. You can’t make your eye organs see. Your brain is the same, but you can become more aware as infants do with their organic eyes, and thus learn to focus the minds eye, because time and space are not barriers.

Our being is not strictly organic. Kirlian photography, MEG scanning, many technologies show that there are elements of us that are not matter. In science, they speak of propagation of information, patterned energy. This is how even our computers can work. The body seems to be little more than an elaborate battery, switching device, memory medium, but the energies we take in, including sense perception, is preserved and propagated.

It is fascinating the experiments where they have found our thoughts to impact matter. The simplest and most obvious being the fact that the electric field around quartz, which we do use in our computers, is operating on the same level as human nerve signals. There are other phenomenon that suggests that your memory, your thought processes in a sense, can be conveyed with physical contact if nothing else.  There is a book called ‘The Intention Experiment’ by Lynne McTaggart which highlights many scientific experiments that have been done, and you may find it of interest.

To get a little risqué, some things lovers say to each other are potentially really rather literal. Ever notice that two people who fall in love might state that they will not adopt common mannerisms, or clothing colors, yet often do anyway? They can match each other and not see it themselves. They have been able to identify couples who were not “associating” with each other, simply by listening to them talk. It’s actually quite natural, and people go overboard on resisting it for the most part. Emotional bonding seems to involve that to a greater or lesser degree. It is even why they teach in negotiation training that if you need to win someone over to your side, adopt their mannerisms. I have used it, it’s true. Then slowly transition your mannerisms to pull them your way, or conversely, if they aren’t listening, you adopt their mannerisms to reflect them to themselves. Not in a mocking way, but people often self calm when someone else seems stressed. They unconsciously see the mirror and can want to alter the mirror. It isn’t a conscious process, but in my experience the bulk of mentation isn’t conscious.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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