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Magick vs Psionics in Psionics


The difference between psionics versus magick is like Taoism versus Buddhism. In magick, you recognize the interplay of energies in the environment and come to see how you are a part of them and can affect them. Sort of an intuitive science. In psionics, you recognize the play of forces within you and gain control of them and how they affect you and your environment. So one is an internal focus and the other an external focus. Both anchored in the mind, but the process is very different even if the outcome can be the same.

Magick is akin to what I call channelling. In all things there is action/reaction, but there is always a third point. Action and reaction merge in a recognizable dynamic flow of energy. Normally, magick is understood by a process of intuitive insight structured into a linguistic framework. This is in part why many spell casters are often big fans of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and they don’t internalize the external forces.  They just create the link to interact, so they stay removed from it. They are the people working magic.

For some it works differently. The “spirits” that magick often seeks to interact with embody the energies of the system. They are often called elementals and though they normally have elemental concerns, every so often their awareness broadens and they react to things they normally wouldn’t. Like people and psychic disturbances. This is why places of frequent death often seem to be more paranormally active in general, if not haunted. This is why deserts have the mystique as well as swamps and mountains. The elementals there have a broader awareness. Normally even in the more active areas it’s just some disturbance that then settles, but if the balance of an eco-system goes too off baseline the spirits remain disturbed. Hence the violent disturbances in weather among other things.

In the past, there were two classes of people who dealt with these matters. More commonly known were intuitive men and women who applied the wisdom of their intuitive observations to how their people were living. But in every world mythology there is another class of human being spoken of. In Biblical legend, the Nephilim. In Egyptian, the Pharonic lines. In Chinese, the Imperial Royal lines. These people are born different. Believed to be born of supernatural influence who seem “inhuman”. ‘Merlin’ was a western example and they tend to favour forces other than human will. There was also believed to be some cross-over. Methuselah from the Bible. The Celtic dragon kings. The Chinese immortals who were of humanity but somehow transcended it. The cross over affected their thinking and behaviour. Made it come to full fruition. They were the paragons of humanity. Fully manifesting humanities potential power to join the bigger spiritual community as peers. To achieve a stage of both union and individuation that allows true autonomy.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Float aka Chris

    I’ll have to agree with you on the differences between the two. Although, I think it’s far more subtle than that. Magic(k) encompasses all that is involved with psionics, and has it’s own methodologies of analyzing the actions and reactions of the work. Like a spiritual science, and it’s goal is pretty focused. This of course does depend on the system of magic(k) we are discussing. Taking Hermeticism for instance, the initiate is seeking a higher union with the divine and so the trivial things that most “psions” seek are irrelevant.

    What makes psionics different is science. Science took “abilities” that were once seen as being magick() or sorcery and began to study them, categorizing them, etc… From there, people caught wind and began to study and practice to attain these abilities based on current understandings of the mechanics (still unknown) of how they operate. So essentially a psion is just doing, or rather seeking out to do the very things that the mages were already able to do. Psionics seems to be nothing more than a watered down and over specified method of magic(k), just without the rest and primary goals/practices of someone pursuing magic(k).

    So now it’s to the point where these psions are focusing and trying to develop these skills, but have absolutely no idea where they are coming from and are trying to develop them by THINKING they know the mechanisms, and many are finding very minimal results… Which I wouldn’t find surprising, considering what was already said. *shrugs* So it’s really just a matter of culture and where people are learning it. To a magician, psionics is already known of and doesn’t need to be categorized as such, to the psion, magic(k) is just a spiritual or religious practice with “extra” stuff they don’t want to involve themselves with.

    P.S. Found your site on blog catalog, keep up the good work! 🙂

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