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Mind and Magic

Light Practice

Psionics is approaching the world through the cognitive functions. The powers of the mind, and that ability to transcend without loosing the context of physical existence. In psionics you use and develop your personal energy in eastern mysticism called ki… Seek More

Omnipresent Mind

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is so simple it’s complicated, as many things are. It’s based on research and insights that state that even though your body is localized, mind as an energy and a construct of any sort is omni-present. The first… Seek More

Psychic Viewing

Remote Viewing

How psychic readings can be done is that some seem to visualize their thoughts as parts of their brain. This isn’t actually so, but the thoughts are energy patterns in a collective field that we are all present in. They… Seek More

Magick vs Psionics


The difference between psionics versus magick is like Taoism versus Buddhism. In magick, you recognize the interplay of energies in the environment and come to see how you are a part of them and can affect them. Sort of an… Seek More

Behaviour of Metaphysical Practice


We are talking about psionics, but first a clarification. Most metaphysical practices rely on an understanding of forces in the metaphysical/spiritual world that don’t originate from the self. The assistance of spirits, the power of various substances or symbols, even… Seek More

Causing Change


Even though everyone is a part of the collective energies used in psionics, not everyone is focused on or naturally disposed to using these energies. Part of what allows psionic potential is just ones temperament/disposition. Psionicly talented people tend to… Seek More

Power of Psionics


For a practitioner of psionics, they don’t use chants or rituals or seek communication with outside forces as an active agency, but rather they form psychic complexes. “Objects” of psychic energy that manifest much as a mood can in a… Seek More

Psionic Force


The difference between psionics and psychology is that in one it’s just an observation of symptoms and feelings. Psionics is the power of the mind in an objective, physical state. Most people don’t need to be subject to psionic violence… Seek More

Physical Psionics


A psionic example is comparing psionics to shamanism. A shaman speaks to the spirits of animals and can receive communications from these spirits. The spirits a shaman communicates with are the “higher self” of the animal, and the animal spirit… Seek More

Be Psionic


How does one know if they are Psionic? Those who are called to mysticism feel a desire to love/serve one or more spirits or gods, and they show the influence of these spiritual forces in their life. That’s a mystic.… Seek More