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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Power of Psionics in Psionics


For a practitioner of psionics, they don’t use chants or rituals or seek communication with outside forces as an active agency, but rather they form psychic complexes. “Objects” of psychic energy that manifest much as a mood can in a room.

For example, a simple psionic technique would be: If you are in a room and you want everyone to be open to communication with each other and in harmony emotionally. You either pick one person who has the mood you want and the right intention, and then link their presence to the others in your awareness, or starting from yourself you generate the mood you want and the intention to speak and listen openly, and then spread it to the others in the circle.

The laying on of hands, for example, could be done by directing in other forces (prayer, etc.) or by using your own state (psionics)? It would be hard to tell the difference without studying them carefully. Yes, exactly. There would be tell tale signatures if you were looking, but otherwise they touch you and your discomfort is eased.

I think the difference would be the magic person could give you a long speech on the beliefs of it all and the psionics person would say ‘I just did it’? Ah, no. They would speak of sensation, and the magic user would speak of observation.

There is something about moods that I notice. There are people I have met through work who seem to enjoy being in a miserable mood, and anyone who tried to bring cheer would be brushed off as [fill in name here]. They are in equilibrium with the distressed state, and feel off that if they are calmed or told to be calm. Their distress contaminates the room for everyone even if behaviourally they are being quiet.

Be angry and expect anger and you’ll get it. That’s psionics in action? It is a good essential element.

That is so simple. Psionics is very simple, and yet also very deep. There is a whole world in the mind.

I think they associate anger with being tough. People are too afraid to speak up. Yes, but the impact of the anger is obvious to anyone with even a shallow psionic awareness. It’s a weakness, and some people will even exploit it. I have angered someone to an insensate stage because I knew it would make them freeze up. They couldn’t act, and so wouldn’t do what I didn’t want them to.

Anger is a weakness? Anger is for most people a mental lock, and someone with psionic insight can hold the chain that links to those shackles, either tugging the person around or unlocking the cuffs.

So in your state, and I do this regularly, you can recognize well that of your co-workers. I will explain why I said your state though. A psionic insight into that condition at work would be that if you are sensing their emotion it’s because you are in contact with it, and being in contact or “touching” it you can act on it in the same way they are blindly acting on you, through your own energy.

But I need to start where they are and move slowly? My trouble is that I often get into a polarized state and that gets locked. Then there is no movement in anyone. That can be a stumbling block, but no, not really. You are thinking diplomatically. You don’t need to start where they are. You need to start where you are. I have before, when someone was forcing their distress on me and wouldn’t listen to rational discourse, reached out with my own energy and deliberately tripped the psycho-biological “let down” response. That mechanism that shuts off distress before it becomes neurologically damaging and in healthy situations psychologically crippling.

Did you make them laugh? No. I pushed them to the “stunned” state, because I know where it is in the mind and have the ability to mimic it in my own energy.

You see these patterns of mind the way people see auras, for example? Yes. The aura is partially psionic energy, and partially other energies flowing through your body. You can use a psionic technique even to sever someone’s metaphysical connection to something, because you alter the behaviour of their “mind” energy so it rejects or is dissonant with that force. This sound sort of mean? If they are psionicly aware they can undo this of course, but most people are sort of tranced out so it stays sort of like a hypnotic suggestion. A good use of this severance of connection with a spiritual force would be ending possession.

Doesn’t that go against that persons free will? So does possession, but often the possessed can’t get enough of a grip on their mind to reject the invader, so a psionic could help them do that. They could even, if so inclined, help the possession victim repair the psycho-spiritual damage that left them vulnerable to possession in the first place. Like remove the hate based or anger based resonance in their energy, or perhaps a recurring fear pattern.

I think we influence mind all around us, and having the grasp of it to direct it knowingly instead of accidentally would be for the better. A lot of damage is done at this level accidentally I expect? Yes. Even between two living human minds, thus the “Borg” effect that can occur between couples. One partner behaving as if they really just can’t think for themselves and don’t have the power. They say things like “My partner is my rock”. “I don’t know what I would do without them”. This is their real psychic/psionic state. They are poetic ideas, but a healthy mind is self contained and sensitive at the same time. You don’t have to compromise your psionic integrity to be deeply in love. If anything a mind with its integrity intact loves more deeply and with more energy.

We have a very powerful tool at our disposal and we are using it like a stick. God is shaking his head and thinking, ‘I wish they’d stop using the iPhone I gave them as a paperweight.’ I like that metaphor. It‘s true. Minds are free, but people use them like chalk. They make cave paintings.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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