Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

Causing Change in Psionics


Even though everyone is a part of the collective energies used in psionics, not everyone is focused on or naturally disposed to using these energies. Part of what allows psionic potential is just ones temperament/disposition. Psionicly talented people tend to be very reflective, and one of the most easily available sources of psionic insights being meditation.

I’m thinking on magic ceremonies. They are very extroverted normally. Psionics is the opposite in that sense. It is introverted.

Let’s take this into the broader world. Our Second Life group is called ‘One World, Many Paths’ for a reason. Can we say all of us here have some grasp on how magic works? Or if not, mysticism? The interaction between man and God, or man and the spirits? In mysticism, you basically focus on the power of prayer/meditation or inspired principles/communion.

Now each of these methods, magic, prayer, or psionics, can cause change. Here is the big revelation maybe, they can all cause the same changes. I just expressed the equality of magic, mysticism, and psionics, but as you all may have heard magic is an art right?

Yes, and psionics a science? In a way yes, and I will go into that.

I’m thinking that there are a lot of scientific studies on the psionics side. Yes, parapsychology focuses mostly on psionics.

I use two definitions. They help my thinking a lot. Science is a field of experience where one question has one answer. An art is a field of experience where one question has many possible answers, all different based on how you look at the question.

How does this apply to psionics? Though magic, mysticism, and psionics can all create change, the finished product will still be qualitatively different. If I gave you each either clay, paint, or rock and the necessary tools, and said “make a bull”, could any of you not make a bull from those things all other things being equal?

There would be many depictions of bulls. Yes, but each qualitatively different.

If it is a lump of clay and I say it is a bull, is it a bull if it looks like a chicken? If you see the lump of clay as a bull and let that idea act on you and the clay, then it will be a bull. Otherwise you are in the half done state. Energy in any system has to flow, which means you have to let go. Be the energy psionics, magic, or divine providence, you have to let go and let it work.

Meaning ‘be it’ or ‘believe it’? Yes. If you lean on grace, or venture into metaphysical insights, or focus on the power of the mind, they all have to be let to work and learned from as they work.

How can you be something that you are letting go of? In the case of psionics, your mind doesn’t act on the environment because you aren’t letting it act. You can and likely have been around people who seem very bottled up, and besides being a drain on the psychic energy in the room they are totally blank presences. You can’t even feel their attention let alone their mood.

The emperor has no clothes story relates then? I think it was the emperor whose mind impacted everyone. He was it and let it go in order to do that? Exactly.

The artist ( like a musician) is magnetizing to people not because they act any certain way, but because they are in the habit of “letting it all hang out” psionicly.

Many celebrities will have the psionic quality? They can and do. Though they usually don’t reflect very deeply so instead they fall into “psychic” circles like Dianetics. There aren’t any substantial institutions for the practice of psionics really. Unlike magic, there are no traditions. This is why some apply spiritual insights from other traditions to what are really psionic experiences.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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