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Sensing Presence in Presences


We probably all know someone who everyone else thinks is crazy, because they think the whole world is haunted. Well, this crazy person is both wrong and right.

Everything in nature has the same sort of presence we do, and some of the things we make even develop them. Now is the world swarming with the dead? No, but that’s not because they aren’t there. It‘s because what dictates what we are aware of is more of a context or domain, like visible light, than an actual presence or absence of things.

Now science is bearing some of this out, and it will likely reveal more.  But in modern “society”, it’s considered crazy to say you can communicate with a tree or an animal, let alone a rock or a volcano. If they are controlling themselves, they would say it’s just mumbo jumbo. If they are rude, they may say far worse, but it’s my experience that anyone, if they focus their awareness right, can sense the presence of these “spirits” for lack of a better term.  Many of our beliefs are not so much from fact, but from narrow focus. There is a way that the tree does indeed communicate with you, and there is a way a rock does too. Our bodies and nervous systems are set up to be sensitive, but we think it’s only a narrow set of things even though we have no proof of this.

Example: The electrical field around a quartz can’t really be told apart from human electrical activity, but somehow we can’t sense what’s going on in the quartz and we can in our own bodies. How is this supposedly the truth? Also with larger concentrations, the field is on the same wavelength but more powerful. There is a cave with crystal deposits over 40 feet in length and tons in weight. We can’t be in there for very long even with an environment suit, but this concentration is huge, and we use these same minerals to construct our “thinking machines”, our computers. There have even been experiments with other memory storage media, even pure light. It seems everything is capable of memory. Who says it doesn’t already have memory? What’s a residual haunting, but the memory of a place?

We say that our consciousness arises from a electrochemical process. Guess what else is literally an electrochemical process? Fire, a.k.a. plasma, is an electrically active gas. How is that supposedly different from what’s in our brains that they say makes us think? Our neurons and synapses are said to be “firing off” and they are.

Organic chemistry is all based around one principle, oxidation. Know what oxidation literally is? Fire. Burning. It’s a burning world. The whole thing. The Greeks weren’t actually wrong when they said the world started in fire. The process by which you can metabolize oxygen, and why you do, is to burn chemical fuels, and the most solid theory now for the origin of the structure of DNA molecules on our planet was geo-electrical activity. So if our consciousness arose from our being able to have bodies, and we can have bodies because of the structure of our DNA, then our consciousness literally arose from the earth. It’s fire. This is even why our blood is iron based.

The other part of the human DNA matrix is calcium rich clay, basically earth. They have found that the crystalline lattice in chalky clay is virtually a perfect scaffold of animal DNA. So the earth was in a sense our mother, the cradle of what gave anything on this planet life. If our DNA did use the earth as the frame for itself, who says our consciousness didn’t originate from it as well? Who says it doesn’t have the ability to think? Perhaps our complex thought is what it evolved?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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