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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Earth Energy in Presences


Is anyone familiar with ley lines or dragon lines? It’s been observed that these earth energy paths tend to preserve human imprints. There are both more residual haunting, and even more intelligent haunting, observed in these regions.

Now the Nazca planes, like the unexplained crop circles, are observed rune patterns which are the various abstract and seemingly strictly symbolic petroglyphs. These patterns pop up everywhere, and are often sites of paranormal encounters. They would seem to have symbolic meaning. Some have even taken video, and claimed to watch what would have been called spirits at one point make those same crop circles, but are these things actually alien? The old and very elaborate ceremonial mazes, these complex geometric patterns and almost pictoglyph like markers, seem to have, and always have had, spiritual meaning.

I would offer that these patterns are not an alien message, but rather the activities of things that are, and have been, native to our world. We aren’t an enclosed fortress. Some do show signs of human manufacture, but there are cases of human activity being guided by forces we don’t consider to be part and parcel of the human mind, like automatic writing for instance. Some primitive tribes show signs of being aware of places they never could have seen, stars in the sky and such. Who’s to say even the notion of spacecraft is actually of “alien” origin?

Throughout human history and across the world, there have been stories not only of strange beasts, and scary monsters, but of other intelligent beings. Some may have the simple explanation of being sub species of human, but others as retold were obviously not, yet also very obviously intelligent. There is a movement in those who are very taken with the notion of what I call the “alien messiahs”, but who’s to say that these beings actually just vanished, or were just made up, or are even totally gone? And well… In science, faster then light (ftl) travel seems implausible.  Perhaps these other intelligences used a principle that doesn’t even fit in the conventional physics?

In Shamanic traditions across the world, there have been references to “walking between the worlds”. Not walking to other worlds, but being in a middle state. In their reckoning this middle state is actually highly trafficked. Parallel universes have been posited. One could ascend to Valhalla say, but the road was broader than that. Much of the paranormal presences that seem so mysterious seem to be defined by a behaviour of being “in transit”. From UFOs, to Sasquatches, and Yetis, to the elves of European lore, there is a lot of traveling. Why would this be? Doesn’t that seem unusual?

We are all in transit of some kind. If the earth is an inconsequential no where place, why move through it? Admittedly, the more popular presences people talk about (not the spirits of nature themselves) don’t seem to stay long, and crossroads are also communication nodes. I offer both that it’s true in the flesh and in the spirit, and I’m not saying all of the presences are the same order of beings. The connection I draw between presences is awareness. They are aware. If anyone is out of the loop it’s us.

You refer to a phase shift, a different vibrational frequency that some creatures can change? Yes, and gravity wells serve as “rabbit holes” for transit. They don’t need to escape a gravity well. Space isn’t structured like people think it is, energetically or materially.

The earth is more open in different locations laid in a pattern on the earth? The earths chakra points? Yes, like any system you need both flow and containment. Churches are built on these sites, and the earth does have chakra points the same as we do. When you build a structure on a site, it’s like putting a needle in a meridian in the human body.  It both allows an energy influx, but can allow a drain/bleed. Stephen Kings Dark Tower series worked with this idea, and he didn’t get it just out of his own imagination. As a matter of fact, at one point in human history the concept of the imagination would seem weird, almost crazy.

Isn’t Giza directly on one of these points? They say it is, and people have constantly reported paranormal things there, including both aggressive and supportive/healing presences. Duality manifests on many levels, as well as unity. A healer when provoked might do harm.

You think crop circles are created by energy fields in the earth? No, that is not what I asserted, but that they were evidence of the connection between our earth and the presences we have spoken of in a general sense.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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