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What are Omens? in Omens


Omens are phenomenon that occur independently of any “practice” you might be involved in. They are like the little signs that occur before a quake or volcanic eruption or a violent storm, and this is part of how you can recognize an omen from an unrelated event. Because daily, you also move through events that have come about from energies you have no link to, and you won’t feel any great connection to it.  It is sort of like chaos theory. Before any event actualizes there is still a force in play that the event will arise from. It is also linked to the butterfly effect. The law of attraction is a manifestation of the butterfly effect.

Omens are synchronistic. Really, that’s all an omen is. They are the flow we swim in. They’re the eddies formed when a bunch of powerful flows begin to convene.  They aren’t guaranteed to actualize, but the power can build and it isn’t hard to gauge. If an actual omen appears, it’s because that power has reached a critical mass point and started to make itself evident. It’s pretty powerful by that point.

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How do we gauge? An omen grows louder and repetitive as it becomes more certain. Although it isn’t necessarily repetition, it is more like variation as in music.  The event creates waves in probability. Not exactly the same omen will repeat, but all will be on the same theme. This is related to Jung’s acausality theory. Jung was perhaps one of the earliest formal “parapsychologists”, and is part of why he broke with Freud. Interestingly, Freud publicly recanted his oppositional stance to Jung toward the end of his life.

If you experience an omen, you or those you are involved with (which indirectly includes you) are leaning that way. You have to “do” something. In any event, you do have to. Like any energy source, your energy will go somewhere. Whether it’s a good flow of energy or disruptive flow, you will of your own nature do something. We don’t move alone. This is why solipsism has no substance.

Also, energies tend to work in an alchemical way. There is no life that is only negative or only positive. The law of exchange (equivalent exchange) in alchemy was restated in science. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For anything you would obtain, an equal energy must be expended. Transcendence is achieved by expending your total energy.

The energies behind omens are the forces of alchemy playing out. They are the angelic powers in action, if you will.  However you interpret it, the forces are still there if you anthropomorphize them or not. The one force with no opposite is life. It has no opposite because all duality is life. Life is the third point in duality. The storms have personality, the earth seems to have will, life is everywhere and nothing is inert. Consciousness changes.

Example. A bird flew up to your window, hovers there and looks at you, makes a few attempts to enter. Omen? Perhaps, but it would be interpreted in the context of your state and other circumstances. And trusting your intuitive reaction is vital. Not all things that make an impression are an omen. But in fact, the time/space bend that is probability is constantly playing around you. However, some probability is basically just static.

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