'Omens' Chapter


I know I know and I know that knowing isn’t an absolute truth. Knowing is a path and there are many knowing. Uncertainty is a type of knowing and is a path. Probability is on everyone’s path.

All truths of manifest substance are self evident if not immediately evident. There is a force behind human existence, a force behind all existence and we do not exist as closed systems.

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“There is something in omens.” Ovid (Ancient Roman classical Poet and Author of Metamorphoses, 43 BC)

What are Omens?

Omens are phenomenon that occur independently of any “practice” you might be involved in. They are like the little signs that occur before a quake or volcanic eruption or a violent storm, and this is part of how you can recognize an… Seek More

Omen Questions and Answers

Do we hurt it if we ignore or deny an omen? We can, especially if you are deeply connected to the event matrix. The omens are in part a manifestation of your very personal energy. It meshes with other energies,… Seek More

Repetitive Life Patterns

For me, anything I get deeply enmeshed in seems to have a death clock start. There is a powerful creative initial surge, and then it winds down. I can feel the event playing out and losing any life. Sometimes this… Seek More