'Signs' Chapter

Jera Rune

Signs are graphical representations of relationships or exchanges of energy. Read the complete series of posts on signs or jump to the section on:

Omens: There is a force behind the human existence, a force behind all existence.

Runes: “Mystery” It was believed runes held spirits. Contemplation of runes was communion with spirits.

Totems: All existence is spirit. The world shows you how you relate to it if you reflect. Intuitive recognition.

Talismans: Give people a focus to anchor their perception and reconnect to those insights that might otherwise slip their mind.

What are Omens?

Omens are phenomenon that occur independently of any “practice” you might be involved in. They are like the little signs that occur before a quake or volcanic eruption or a violent storm, and this is part of how you can recognize an… Seek More

Omen Questions and Answers

Do we hurt it if we ignore or deny an omen? We can, especially if you are deeply connected to the event matrix. The omens are in part a manifestation of your very personal energy. It meshes with other energies,… Seek More

Repetitive Life Patterns

For me, anything I get deeply enmeshed in seems to have a death clock start. There is a powerful creative initial surge, and then it winds down. I can feel the event playing out and losing any life. Sometimes this… Seek More

Ancient Runes Script

Today we are talking about the runes. They are ancient to the point of prehistoric. The only thing necessary for something to be prehistoric is for it to have had its advent before written history. The first instances of runes… Seek More

Communion with the Spirits

They say in conventional scientific circles that we perceive figures and patterns where there are supposedly no such thing. So as they began to discover the runes, the word rune itself roughly translates as “mystery”. It likely felt as if… Seek More

Balance Your Karma with Symbol

Could you cast runes, not just to predict the future, but to manipulate it? Actually, they were not usually cast to predict the future. It can be cast for that purpose. It’s not invalid. It just wasn’t their most common… Seek More

Use of Runes

Are there standard methods to use when casting runes, or a wide variety? A wide variety. It was heavily influenced by the inspiration of the runemal practitioner as well as their traditional training. As long as the understanding of the… Seek More

Shaman’s World View

I will start by asking, what do you know about totems or shamanism in general? I know something about shamanism working with animals and nature, and journeying. Are totems representations of spirits? The physical artifacts are representations, yes. They serve… Seek More

On the Medicine Wheel

In the shaman’s world, spirit wasn’t a thing you could possess for yourself. It was something shared like the air we breathe, and the life force we possess is shared with us by everything else in our world. Sort of… Seek More

Sharing of Spirit

In the shamans world view, all existence is spirit, and there is nothing that exists that is not a spirit. So the statement that you are what you eat had some meaning even to them. Thus you had to be… Seek More