Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Totem Hunt Process in Totems


I can use a leaf animal totem pool as an example of the totem hunt process.

First clear your mind, relax, get into a listening state, and then sit your avatar on the leaf.

Animal Vision Quest welcomes you to your vision quest.
Animal Vision Quest: whispers: Calm your mind, and concentrate on the pool, and your totem animal will be revealed.

Animal Vision Quest: whispers: Unicorn

Unicorn Totem

Unicorn Totem

Animal Vision Quest: whispers: Purity, Innocence, Justice, Developing personal power, Affecting weather. Your vision quest is now complete.

Now ignore the text, just notice your thoughts and feeling on the unicorn image. And when you are ready, share?

The first thing was that I’m wearing a unicorn tail right now, and I just put unicorns up at my Second Life house over the weekend. Recognition of those events does put you in touch with the power of that totem, and as you examine your feelings you will notice either a sense of direct kinship with the unicorn, indirect connection, or loose understanding. Which would you say is true?

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I’m not sure. I always liked them when I was younger. Well, the principle of six degrees of separation applies to totems also. Given enough effort, you will discover a connection to anything if you seek it. It just might not be very useful.

I was going to say that I didn’t really feel a kinship anymore, but thinking back I really liked them as a child. So I would say indirect connection then?

It may be resurfacing? It is also possible it’s resurfacing.

I did a totem hunt before and got a word that meant gazelle. I was feeling like lizards, rabbits and doves were my totems, but maybe I just wasn’t considering anything mythological. As I said earlier, being a one totem person is unusual, so it’s possible you have a connection to all of them.

Do your totems change over time? They can, just like friendships can, either growing stronger or growing apart.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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