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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

Examples of Totems in Totems

Mouse Totem

Do you see our totems?

I do, and I do see badger in one of you, not really wolf. I do see racoon, and crow.

I am thinking of taking the pen name of Crow. You are a burrower and forager, defensive but not aggressive and like hidden things. Also enjoy exploiting people’s perceptual blind spots when you feel provoked.

I am trying to learn that skill, yes. Badger snarls too much yet? He needs distracting, maybe some noise from crow.

As for another, I see the gecko and the dragon fly, and I see the sparrow.

I like them. Love to watch them. I find geckos in my house sometimes. Yes. Often your totems seek you out.

Not sure what I want to say. It kind of fits energetically. Maybe you are being spoken to. I sense lynx has your tongue, specifically lynx, not jaguar, not leopard, not puma. Lynx is the watcher in the tall grass. The careful hunter who defeats mind instead of body.

I would rather not be seen despite the colorful clothes I wear. So would lynx. Lynx will walk away and eat its prey later rather than reveal that it was ever there.

For another, she is beaver, the burrower and builder. Also crow, the one who will eat last, but also often eats best. She is also frog, resting even on the flowing water, ready to take the opportune fly, always watching. She is also fox, will play injured and make noise to distract you before running off into the bushes and watching your confusion as you search.

I do like confusing people that are giving me a hard time. Bark then run away, only to steal their lunch later? If I can, yes.

I will provide another example and do it myself. I will share the process from my point of view.

Mouse Totem

Mouse Totem

Animal Vision Quest welcomes Seth Haalan on their vision quest. Calm your mind, and concentrate on the pool, and your totem animal will be revealed.

Animal Vision Quest: whispers: Mouse

Animal Vision Quest: whispers: Trusting in Creator, Detail in Small Things, Being fearful of life, Neglecting opportunities around you, Everything in order, Caution, Get rid of what isn’t needed. Your vision quest is now complete.

Sometimes I only feel a lose understanding of an image like that, but this one is stronger. As you have witnessed yourself friends, I do have a fearful side, and I do tend to feel meek in power even when I might in fact be making a big ugly racket. I often miss opportunities to achieve or attain things because I underestimate myself.

Where it stands out though is the idea of faith in creator. I actually have no faith in creator. So I have an indirect connection to this totem. What I have faith in is the cycle of decay and regrowth. Life often seems like a huge trash heap to me, but as I rummage about in it I sometimes find food or flowers. That’s more common these days.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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