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Food Magic in Food Magick

Food Magic

Food magic is not unlike many other disciplines, and it can both be tied to healing magic and self transformation. “What you put in” is perhaps one of the core principles of all magic. But the term sorcery, literally means putting in and taking out. There is a lot to consider with that, and dark sorcery involved a lot of putting in of negative spiritual influences. Why I start with something dark, is that like making a doctor take the hypocratic oath, you should first consider what sort of impact you would have.

Now magic is very sensory and experience driven, and you are working with more than just the obvious materials when you are preparing any item for magical purposes. You are working with emotion, and memory, and even archetypes associated with food. The power of suggestion in food is strong, is it not?

Here is an example. Ever feed very stimulating food to a sick person? It‘s not an absolute rule, but if a person is sick they are not at ease. They have a dis-ease, and thus they need rest. Some say they are tired when they are sick, and it’s basically true, because they still have plenty of energy, but it’s all going toward healing. Ever feed stimulating food to a depressed person? Generally, stimulating food for a depressed person has two effects. First, they get a bit emotional, and then they can relax. Anyone observe different? Food magic is a lot like shamanism. To use it best, it serves to get to know the personality, or spirit, of anything you would cook.

Chilli, as it’s popularly prepared, will be stimulating. Any food that has in a sense a “disturbing” quality is stimulating, and often times it can be good to disturb the one who will eat your work. Example. You want to inspire romantic notions in your partner, because you have felt out of touch for a while. Would you use stimulating food or soothing?

Something hot. Stimulating food. And sweet goes well with it also, but you don’t want materials that will let your partner rest. Nor anything that will make them actually distressed. If they are in pain, they may open up to you emotionally, but actual shared intimacy isn’t going to happen.

What would distress them in food? Anything associated with pain. Comfort foods are not good aphrodisiacs.

Open emotionally, but not actually sharing intimacy? Oh, agitate someone, and you can get them to download, but that’s not really shared. If you feel a friend has been holding back something important for you to know, offer them coffee, and make it just a bit stronger than normal.

No wonder the work place is a mess. Yes, that doesn’t actually serve. It is very bad food magic. To use food magic for the work place an earthy tea would be good, and if you are actually going to offer food stuffs than whole grain snacks. Bran muffins would work wonderfully, or muffins with dates or raisins. Can you see why?

Those foods will cause discomfort for those not accustomed to them, because whole grain and bran are high in fibre. Yes, which is alerting, but not actual pain. But it may seem strange that sometimes in the working of food magic it can be good if the food “tastes like dirt”, and food color matters a lot.

One of my spiritual teachers told us that drinking stimulating drinks such as coffee tells our body to shut down it’s own stimulation, because we are getting it from an outside source. Yes. It dulls the senses, and makes one prone to obsessiveness. These aren’t good for business.

Someone I know gave her mean boss cookies with exlax in them, and the next day the boss was really nice to everyone. Yes, that actually does have a food magic explanation. Sometimes purgative ingredients are perfect for your intent, though you don’t necessarily have to resort to pharmaceuticals.

Grumpy people are stuffed up? Oh, yes. They often are, and sometimes if a state of being is a problem, you actually want to introduce materials that are the opposite of their state. Example; The biggest issues business research shows that actually retard work place productivity. It might seem good to have the workers high strung, but it’s not. You want to induce flow. Bread products would be very good for them, especially light colored breads.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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