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What are you putting your attention on? That’s your intent.

Food Relationship in Food Magick

Food Magic

Maybe an illustrative exercise. Someone want to pick a food?

Carrots. Ok, good pick. To the Native Americans carrots were a person, and so was corn. If carrots were a person, what kind of person would carrots be?

Upper body strength. Rooted, Bright. Ok, earthy and bright?

They are hard, and break when they are raw, but soft and sweet when cooked? Yes, but cooking is creating a relationship between different foods. Want the foods to form a good alliance? Would you want to introduce a nervous or sad person to the carrot person?

Yes, it would help the sad person? Yes, unless they are angry and sad. Then it will just make them more angry.

Ah, so cooking is adding people to the pot so to speak? Creating a party on your stove? Cooking is, in a sense, inviting spirits to give you, and maybe your family, their power. Depending on your world view, you are literally working with spirits.

Pizza. You can do a lot with pizza. Pizza is a “food ritual” and has multiple spirits. Cheese and bread have similar personalities. Cheese being a bit more flexible, and bread is impressionable. Then you add tomato sauce. What kind of a person is tomato sauce?

Tangy. Edgy. Succulent. Enlivening and energetic. Now with just bread, cheese, and tomato sauce, you have a cheese pizza. How do these three people relate to each other? Do they get along?

The sauce is between the crust and the cheese. The sauce is a medium between them. They get along well, and this is the test of whether a food magic work is wholesome.

Now anyone have an intention they would want to see a pizza for? The intention would be to induce joviality? If you want to make people feel light and care free, would you put any fish on this pizza? No. This is why we call some people a “cold fish.” They are a kill joy, but they have their place sometimes. Would it be good to feed a co-worker a fish sandwich? Maybe. If you intend to have a “private” party, then some fish products would be perfect, because they induce other passionate emotions.

A passionate cold fish? Ah no, I wouldn’t use fish on a pizza to share with a lover. I would use muscles, even maybe crab.

What is on the party pizza?  Rosemary of course fits the traditional Italian temperament. A light cheese.  No goat cheese. Sesame maybe if you want the casual talking party, otherwise yellow bell peppers. Pineapple if you want it lively. Light colour meats maybe. Chicken or Canadian bacon.

Why not goat cheese? Ah, goat cheese has a very serious personality, and goat cheese would feed the “obnoxious party guest”.

Garlic? Garlic, yes. A must on a party pizza. Even on a romantic pizza, but not on a calming one. On that you put the goat cheese.

Do you think the intent with which you cook your food is transferred to the receiving person? So, if you are angry when you cook, that it could make the people eating it feel bad? Yes, I do. This is why it’s often good for a cook to drink tea before cooking dinner.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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